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2nd Grade

2nd Grade
Second grade is a dynamic year of growth and learning. It is a year filled with fun, adventure, and challenges. There is much to learn in second grade and every minute will count. Please visit your teacher's personal website to keep up with the events in the classroom.
Homework: Homework will be assigned nightly. Please be sure that your child has a quiet space at home to complete his/her work. Please remind your child to check their work and allow them to look for their own errors before pointing them out to them. The purpose of homework is to extend the day's lesson and gain practice in applying strategies independently. Homework should not take more than 20 minutes per day.
Please visit your teacher's classroom website for more detailed information on the events in your classroom. 

Culture Report Rubric




Three or more days late

Two days  late

A day late

Handed in on due date



=         Does not cover all appropriate topics.

=         Less than 3 topics are covered

=         Little or no details

=         3 topics are covered

=         Includes the country’s flag and a map 

=         Little details

=         All 4 topics are covered

=         Includes the country’s flag and a map

=         Includes solid details and additional facts



=         Less than four well-organized paragraphs 

=         Illegible handwriting

=         Less than four well-organized paragraphs

=         Mostly legible handwriting

=          Four well-organized paragraphs, most have a topic and concluding sentences

=         Legible handwriting

=          Four well-organized paragraphs, with topic and concluding sentences

=         Legible, neat handwriting and layout




Oral Delivery

=         Did not present facts about topic

=         Poor audible volume

=         Presented few facts about topic

=         Poor audible volume

=         Presented appropriate facts about topic

=         Visual aids (Google Slides)

=         Mostly audible volume 

=         Presented appropriate facts about topic with details

=         Visual aids (Google Slides and additional aids such as posters, pictures, maps)

=         Audible volume 



=         Did not actively listen to other’s reports

=         Displayed active listening some of the time

=         became fidgety and unfocused

=         Displayed active listening most of the time

=         Displayed active listening

with eyes on the speaker at all times





Culture Research Report Description


Assigned: April 9, 2019

Due: May 13, 2019

Dear Parents,

This April, the second graders will be studying different cultures as part of our Social Studies standards.  Your child has been assigned a research project to learn more about his/her culture.  We will work together in the classroom to research our culture and begin writing the report.  What is not completed in the classroom by May 11th, will need to be finished at home.  Students will have time in the classroom to work on their paragraphs, as well as on their Google Slides within their West Geauga Google account. Your assistance may be needed at home to help complete the Google Slide presentation. Examples will be provided.



Collect and organize research data

  • Use the Internet, locate books, encyclopedias and other sources to get facts about your culture
  • READ and take notes about the facts on your culture/country
  • Record facts on the graphic organizer

Write your report in paragraph format

  • Time will be provided in the classroom to collect data, write the draft and final copy.
  • Students will be provided a pacing guide & rubric to help them stay on task.  
  • Using the notes you recorded on your graphic organizer, NEATLY write your report in paragraph format using the “hamburger” model as an example.
  • Use the topics on the graphic organizer for each paragraph (4 total paragraphs)
  • Students who finish before the report deadline are encouraged to make a Google Slides presentation on their Chromebook at school. 

Present your culture report to the class

  • Students will present their reoprt to the class using a visual aid such as a poster and/or the Google Slides presentation. 
  • Use notecards/visual aids to guide your oral report. 
  • Practice saying your report using appropriate eye contact and audible volume.  
  • Be able to point to your country on a map.
  • Posters will be created at home and should include a map of the country and the country's flag.    

The report is due on Monday, May 13.  Students will conduct their presentations to their classmates in the morning. 

We encourage you to visit the public library to conduct your research. The librarians have been notified that we are conducting research and are eager to help.

Geauga West Public Library Hours:

13455 Chillicothe Road, Chesterland - Phone Number: 440.729.4250

9am-9pm: Monday – Thursday

9am-5pm: Friday & Saturday

1pm-5pm: Sunday

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for your time and assistance.  We look forward to learning more about you and your culture.

The 2nd Grade Team

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