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3D Name Lesson Plan

3D Name Lesson Plan
Grade 6

Key Words: Sketch, Dimension, Three Dimensional, 1-Point Perspective, Horizon Line, Vanishing Point, Lines of Disappearance, Parallel, Outline, Gradient, Background.

Learning Targets: I can create a light practice drawing by sketching. I can. Something that appears 3D means that it appears to have more than 3 measurements. I can use place a vanishing point on a horizon line and use a ruler to draw straight neat lines from my shape to the vanishing point, adding parallel lines to use 1-point perspective to create depth in my artwork. The horizon line is where the eye sees the curvature of the earth drop off. Parallel lines are two lines going the same direction that are the same distance apart. I can create an outline in an artwork to help shapes stand out. I can use gradient as a way of coloring with blending. I can add background to create interest in my artwork.

2012 Ohio Visual Art Standards:

Enduring Understandings:

Personal Choice and Vision: Students construct and solve problems of personal relevance and interest when expressing themselves through visual art.

Critical & Creative Thinking: Students combine and apply artistic and reasoning skills to

imagine, create, realize and refine artworks in conventional and innovative ways.

Students will at the appropriate developmental level: C.Select, manipulate and refine arts concepts and processes to produce artworks that visually communicate their experiences, ideas and viewpoints. E. Connect the content of visual artworks to interdisciplinary concepts, issues and themes.


4PE Connect selected ideas, concepts and processes used in visual art with those used in other academic disciplines.

5PE Use observations, life experiences and imagination as sources for visual symbols, images and creative expression.

1PR Demonstrate technical skill and craftsmanship in the use of materials, tools and technology to solve an artistic problem.

3PR Generate ideas and engage in thoughtful planning when solving a visual art problem.

2RE Describe content, meaning and design in various works of art using accurate, descriptive language and art-specific vocabulary.

5RE Assess personal progress to improve craftsmanship and refine and complete works of art.

  • Materials: Samples of completed 3D Name artworks, Books on how to draw shapes and names in 1-Point perspective, good quality 12”x18” white drawing paper, #2 drawing pencils for sketching, erasers, Clear plastic 18” rulers, fine line markers and assorted Prismacolor colored pencils, Blending pencils if available. (Sponge letters are helpful, too – for explaining the concept of three dimensions.)
  • Procedure: (Usually after 2 days of introduction with 1-Point perspective/ 3D Drawing Lesson using worksheets)
  • (Demonstrate and model procedure and behaviors as necessary)
  1. Using the #2 sketching pencil and a ruler, students draw a base line, a top line and begin to trace their name lightly and begin forming their (first or last) name on the 12x18” paper. (variation: nickname or “gamer” tag) Letters should be evenly spaced.
  2. If desired, students can create the name on an arc, rather than a flat line, Care should be taken to make sure the letters are all still the same height and width, however.
  3. Care is taken to make sure that well-formed BLOCK LETTERS are created, evenly spaced and neatly drawn. Block letter should be at least ½” wide!!!
  4. Students use #2 pencil and ruler to firm up the letters, making sure to use the ruler to form the straight lines of the letters. (see rubric!)
  5. Once the name is fully formed, students then place a horizon line below the name,
  6. Put a vanishing point on the horizon line somewhere, and begin drawing in the “Lines of Disappearance”, creating the “sides” of their letters, making their name begin to appear 3D.
  7. Students are reminded to refer all “Lines of Disappearance” to the one, single vanishing point!
  8. Lines PARALLEL to the front of the shapes are added to form the “back” of the shapes to complete the 3D effect.
  9. Students are reminded to use rulers for straight lines!
  10. Teacher goes around and helps students individually with tracing paper.
  11. Once names are finished being made “3D” students may then outline (ONLY!!) the letters with fine line Crayola marker, or. black fine line sharpie(“Sharpie pen”).
  12. Next Begin coloring with colored pencil (emphasis on good quality coloring!!!)NO MARKER COLORING!!! and
  13. The coloring should make the “Fronts” of the name letters stand out from the “sides” of the letters.
  14. A Gradient (light to dark/blending one color into another) can be used on the sides to create more interest.
  15. Students are reminded to use GOOD QUALITY colored pencil coloring and create neat work!!!
  17. When coloring is finished, use fine point sharpie to outline any areas that require more definition.
  18. Post rubric (Below) during entire project:

Grading Requirements for 3D Name

Rubric for 3D Name in 1 Point Perspective Grade 6 Total Points = total/6=  
  4 max 3 max 2 max 1 max 0
Letters A Ruler was used for all of the straight lines of the letters. Letters are neatly spaced. A ground line was used as a guide for writing the letters. Letters are all the same height. Letters are neatly spaced, but a ruler was not used for all of the straight lines. Letters are all the same height, and a ground line was used for the letters. Letters are not neatly spaced, and a ruler was not used for straight lines. Letters are generally the same size. Student used a ground line for the letters. Letters are not neatly spaced, no ruler was used for straight line and letters are not same height. Student did not use a ground line. Letters are not created, evenwith prompting and assistance.
1 Point Perspective "Lines of Disappearance" all refer to a single vanishing point. Back "edges" of 3D letters are drawn parallel to front "edges". Lines of Disappearance all refer to a single vanishing point. 10 % of back "edges" of 3D letters are not drawn parallel to front "edges". "Lines of Disappearance" refer to 2 or 3 vanishing points. 15 % or more of back "edges" of 3D letters are not drawn parallel to front "edges". "Lines of Disappearance" refer to multiple vanishing points. 25% or more of back "edges" of 3D letters are not drawn parallel to front "edges". "Lines of Disappearance" refer to multiple vanishing points. No back "edges" of 3D letters are drawn parallel to front "edges.
Background The student has created an interesting, original and creative background, that fills the page and clearly reflects his or her personality. Student has created a background that is filled 75%, using some original symbols and images. Student has filled 50% or less of background, using few if any original symbols or images. Little or no detail is added to the background less than 30%. No backgound was added, even with prompting and assistance.
Media Use Student used firm, dense, consistent coloring techinque with colored pencil throughout to complete project. Colors are blended to create new colors or interesting effects. Coloring is smooth and neat. Outlining is neatly done. Name, HR, and class period is included on the back of the paper. Student used consistent if not dense coloring techinque with colored pencil to complete project. 90% or less of the project is colored in neatly. Coloring is neat in some areas and sloppy in others. There is outlining, but some or all of the outlining is not done neatly. Coloring of media has gaps
leaving white spaces that
were not filled in, indicating
a lack of craftsmanship. Marker was used for some or all of the colored areas. 60 % or less of the areas are colored in with care. Outlining is minimal.
Student used color media but it was minimally applied. Coloring
was applied only minimally to
part of the project, less than 30%. No outlining is done where needed.
No extra color or outlining was added, even with prompting and assistance.
Time Management Used the alloted time to finish project. Did not finish early or need extra time. Used alloted time to finish early but may have been reminded to say on task. Finished on time. Easily distracted and was reminded to remain on task. Needed extra time to finish or rushed work and finished with extra time. Needed constant assistance to remain on task. Eventually finished after extra time was given. Did not finish, even with extra time or with assistance.




If students finish early, for extra credit: Students may:

Use another 12”x18” paper

Use the same procedure, do another name (their last name for example, or a pet’s name or parent’s name),

Place the the horizon line ABOVE THE NAME and follow the 3D procedure.

  • All the same rules still apply!
  • Work should be sketched neatly with a pencil and ruler first
  • Use a ruler for straight lines of letters!
  • Add color and detail.
  • Items should be colored in and outlined.
  • Worth a maximum of 25 extra credit points.
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