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7th Grade Science
Assignments & Announcements
Dec 18 or 19 = MIDTERM
Mon Dec 18 - LAST DAY to turn in extra credit
Tues Dec 11 - 100 point test on Chapter 13 Atmosphere
Fri Dec 9 - QUIZ on C13 Lessons 5 & 6
Due Thurs Dec 7 - Chapter Review & Benchmark Practice P517 (do not do #7), P518 (do not do #19) and P519
Due Wed Dec 6 - C13 Lesson 6 Review & Reinforce worksheet
Due Tues Dec 5 - C13 Vocab Packet (ALL LESSONS & Leanring Targets)
Due Mon Dec 4 - Which Energy Transfer Is It worksheet
Due Thurs Nov 30 - C13 Lesson 5 Review & Reinforce (most students finished this in class)
Wed Nov 29 - QUIZ on C13 Lessons 3 & 4
Due Tues Nov 28 - C13 Lesson 4 Review & Reinforce and Enrich worksheets
Due Mon Nov 27 - Atmosphere Riddles:  Extra Credit (recieved Nov 20)
Due Tues Nov 21 - C13 Lesson 3 Review & Reinforce and Enrich worksheet
Due Mon Nov 20 - The Air Up There and the cut and paste layers of the atmosphere activity
Due Fri Nov 17 - The Atmopshere: What is it worksheet
Thurs Nov 16 - QUIZ on C13 Lessons 1 & 2... use QUIZLET to prepare!
Due Mon Nov 13 - C13 Lesson 2 Review & Reinforce worksheet
Wed, Nov 8-Thurs, Nov 9: Google Classroom assignment: Students will work in class with a partner to write essays on how carbon and nitrogen MOVE through the different spheres.  Directions and an example (using water) are on Google Classroom.  If you are absent on either day - contact your partner - you will need to work on this at home.
Due Mon Nov 6 - The Ocean and the Carbon Cycle and The Nitrogen Cycle Questions (had ALL period to work on as Mrs. Samsa had a substitute)
Due Fri Nov 3 - The Carbon Cycle newsela Questions
Due Thurs Nov 2 - 10 Interesting Things About Air newsela Questions
Due Wed, Nov 1 -  C13 Lesson 1 Review & Reinforce and Enrich worksheet
Mon, Oct 30 - TEST on Chapter 12
Due Fri Oct 27 - Chapter 12 Review and Benchmark Practice:  P 471, P 472 (do not do #16-19), P473 (do not do #25), P474 (do not do #5)
Thurs Oct 26 - QUIZ on C12 Lesson 5 (Currents and Climate)
Due Wed, Oct 25 - C12 Lesson 5 Review & Reinfroce and Enrich workhseet
Due Tues, Oct 24 - C12 Vocabulary packet
Due Mon, Oct 23 - QUIZ on C12 Lesson 3 (Underground Water)
Tues Dec 12 - 100 point TEST on Chapter 13
Fri Dec 8 - QUIZ on C13 Lessons 5 and 6
Due Thurs Dec 7 - Chapter Review & Benchmark Practice (Pg 517 do not do #7, Pg 518 do not do #19 and Pg 519)
 Don't forget... Mon, Dec 18th is the LAST Day to turn in 2nd quarter extra credit!
Second Grading Quarter Begins Monday, October 23! 
Quarterly Extra Credit
2nd Quarter Extra Credit: If interested in extra credit for the second grading quarter... Read Chapter 14 in your textbook. This chapter covers the topic of Weather. Some of the content may be review from earlier grades, or are concepts that will be directly or indirectly associated with other chapters/units this year. Under 7th grade science is a file where you will find the extra credit assignments. There will be a Review and Reinforce worksheet as well as a Quiz for each lesson. Each Lesson (review & reinforce and quiz) is worth up to 5 points. You may choose up to 2 of the 6 available lessons. You may only earn up to 10 extra credit points this quarter!
Turn these in no later than Monday, December 18th.
General Information

Any student interested in registering and participating in the 2018 Kiwais STEM Fair...the link is on the right side of this web page.  The Registration Deadline is Friday, December 8, 2017 and the STEM Fair date is Saturday, January 27, 2018.  See Mrs. Samsa with any questions.  Extra Credit for the 3rd grading quarter will be given to students who participate. 

Science Grades are weighted.
70% is based on quiz and tests and 30% = homework/classwork/labs
Student... I strongly recommend visiting our Google Classroom site.  There are many helpful videos, links and Quizlets to help you  understand lessons, review and prepare for quizzes and tests. At times you will also have to use this site for some assignments. Students can download the App or go to www.Classroom.Google.com and enter their school email and passord to access our class's page.
Students... I would highly recommend downloading the apps: Google Classroom, Quizlet, Remind, GMail (for your school email account), and Chrome to your smart phones, ipods, tablets etc... especially if you don't have access to a computer at home. These can be very helpful in reviewing materials covered in class and preparing for quizzes and tests!
Students...Please make sure you have headphones at school and available to use in class.
Students and/or Parents:
Sign up for REMIND...
Before big chapter tests or projects I will send a mass text and/or email to all students/parents who sign up. Directions are under Downloads/Links to the right.
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