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8th Grade ELA

Assignments will be posted for the week. Be sure to check this page daily as changes may occur!
 Permission Slip   Due 9/18  Link 
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Week of Sept. 17th
NightNightNo SchoolNightNight 
Video on DBQ's
Overview of Documents- Packets
 Doc. B and C in small groups
Read doc. 4--- groups and discussion.
Frontload DBQ #3Review Group procedures Read and Annotate
Finish document and turn in 20 pts
 Document A as class- model Make Connections to Night
Review Video on DBQ- complete
HW: Commonlit. Auschwitz  HW: Complete Questions for B/C Graphid organizer 
Week of Sept.10th
No SchoolNightNightNightNight Edpuzzle Ellipse
Note: see GoogleClassroom  Chapter 1 page 12-22Paired Reading Chapter 2Read and annotate Chapter 3Vocabulary Quiz Chap.1-3
for links to documents w/annotationsand annotationspp.29-46Read and annotate Chapter 3
HW: Chapter 1 ActvityHW: Complete Chapter 2 Chapter 3 -3 level activity
pp.29-46, Complete 3 level guide
CommonLit. Due 9/14
Review vocab. on Quizlet Chap 1-3, Quiz Friday
HW:  Complete 3 level Guide
Week of Sept. 3rd
No SchoolNight MAP TestingNight MAP TestingNightNight MAP Testing
Write multi paragraph
essay based on reading
Join Class on Quizlet InviteFormer Auschwitz...
HW: Read Chapter 1 - up to pg 12
HW : Vocab Chap.1-3of Night
Week of August 27th
NightNightNightNightNo School Fair Day
Complete:Jewish SocietySetting and ContextAuschwitz Guard Auschwitz Guard
How did Hitler gain power andRead Preface and ForwardLink 1Link 1
begin Nazi Rule?Pass out novelsLink 2Link 2
HW: Complete web questionHW: Complete Preface and3 Level Guide4 corners activity
on Hilter; Commonlit. Due Thurs.ForwardHW: Complete 3 Level guide
Week of August 20th
8_Sept.ELA 2018Room organization /Google CClassroom GuidelinesWWII Map ActivityWWII Map Activity
Marshmallow Activity- interest Remind 101 pg.20-23Impact on Jewish Society
inventories/ Summer reading
tabletop discussion pg.23tabletop discussion pg.24
HW:  CommonLit
Elie Wiesel - Due 8/30 
Writing response
Signature Page -Due 8/24HW:  Complete Paragraph from class Table Topic Discussion - Due 8/24 
No SchoolNight MAP TestingNight MAP TestingNightNight
Write multi paragraph Group Analysis of essays
essay based on readingGrade own essay
Join Class on Quizlet InviteFormer Auschwitz...HW: Complete Grade My Essay
HW : Vocab Chap.1-3
doc. posted on Google classroom
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