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8th Grade ELA

Assignments will be posted for the week.
Be sure to check this page daily as changes may occur!
Week of 12/17
"Animal Farm""Animal Farm""Animal Farm""Animal Farm"Winter Break
Stations for Animal FarmStations for Animal FarmStations for Animal FarmStations for Animal Farm 
 Check answers - on quiz   
HW: Complete - we will check Four Corner Discussion   
answers on Tuesday!    
Week 12/10 Updated 12/11/2018
FINISH ESSAY - 20minPoe's Play :List Animal FarmPoe's Play list Animal Farm
Poe's Play :ListParagraph - write to defendBio video on Stalin PresentationsAnticipation guide
Select songschoice of song and reasonsUSSR Industrialization video  Pre/Post Concept chart
Underline key passages  Note sheet in Google HW: Read Introduction of
HW: Complete song selectionHW: Complete paragraph Classroom novel -due 12/17
 and print!- due Thursday  Do not read ahead
Week of 12/3
“THE BLACK CAT”“THE BLACK CAT”Poe's LifePoe ReviewPoe Essay
Reciprocal QuestionsAssessment - Peer ReviewReview video notesRe-read Culminating Assessment
Reciprocal Strategy Exit Ticketof assessmentPoe's Mysterious Death“The Black Cat”Timed argumentative essay
 HW: Watch videos to reviewHW: Reread notes: 
Culminating Writing: Argumentative
HW: Common lit. Due 12/7Elaboration Video 1“The Raven”HW: RereadEssay Poe's background
An Incredible Job: Being America’s PresidentVideo 2“Annabel Lee”“The Tell Tale Heart” 
Week of 11/26
" Annabell Lee""The Tale Tale Heart" First read"The Tell Tale Heart""The Tell Tale Heart"Vocabulary Quiz
Complete second read - if not  Second read- Author's StyleSecond read- Author's Style“THE BLACK CAT”
done- first part of classHW: Complete the 6 multipleHW: Complete classwork Reciprocal Questions
Grade answerschoice questions and review irony and review vocab for   
HW: TTH vocab. Quizlet vocabularyquiz on ThusdayHW: Complete classworkHW: Commonlit.
CL-The Limits of Empathy due 11/30
Week of 11/19
" Annabell Lee"Formative on "The Raven"Thanksgiving BreakThanksgiving BreakThanksgiving Break
2nd read of the poem    
"The Tale Tale Heart" First read   
HW: Complete Day 2 activitiesHW: Review vocab. on    
 Quizlet - Quiz 11/29   
Week of 11/12
Edgar Allan PoeEdgar Allan PoeEdgar Allan PoeCarreer Day- not classes" Annabell Lee"
Poe's Mysterious Death  First readComplete second read 1st read of the poem
3 level guide"The Raven"questions of "The Raven" 
HW: Commonlit. Due 11/16worksheet   
Hearts and HandsHW: Complete vocabularyHW: Complete questions if  HW: Complete day one
Vocab." Tell Tale Heart" Quiz 12/7if not done in classnot done in class questions
Week of  11/5
Common AssessmentCommon AssessmentPoeEdgar Allan PoeEdgar Allan Poe
  Industrial RevolutionVideo IntroductionVideo Introduction
  NEWSELA article SQ3REdgar Allan Poe VideoEdgar Allan Poe Video
HW: CommonLit. "Ruthless"HW: CommonLit. "Ruthless"HW: When Everything Changed: the HW: Complete Chart events 
Due 11/9Due 11/9 Industrial Revolution Questionscovered in the first portion Write paragraph in class
 Week of 10/29 
293031Nov 1Nov. 2
Analytical/Argumentative EssayAnalytical/Argumentative EssayAnalytical/Argumentative EssayPractice CommonLit. Practice CommonLit.
Draft of body and conclusionElaborationRevise and Edit"The Land Lady" Questions"The Land Lady" Questions
 For each piece of evidence Read and annotate short storyAnswer questions with peer
 Create a "sandwich" introduce with peer partner.partner.
HW: Complete Draft Due 10/30the quote and then explain the  HW: Complete reading if not 
 quote.HW: Final Copy due 11/2done in class 

Week of 10/22
Life is Beautiful Life is Beautiful Thesis statementsAnalytical/Argumentative EssayLife is Beautiful Essay
Movie QuestionsMovie QuestionsAnalysis TPS Graphic OrganizerIntro. Paragraph
 review, grade and discussRadel_Thesis statements 101CheckThesis Statement 
  Thesis statement video  
HW: Complete day 3HW: Complete day 4HW: Write ThesisHW: Select support/ completeHW; Complete intro paragraph
questionsquestionsGraphic Organizergraphic organizerand 1st body paragraph
Week of Oct 15th
Life is Beautiful Life is Beautiful Life is Beautiful Life is Beautiful Explars
Movie Questions Prediction Chart Day 2 ViewingMovie QuestionsMovie QuestionsFor previous essay
    review, grade and discuss
HOW: Commonlit. Liberation of     
Nazi Concentration Camps HW: Complete day 2HW: Complete day 3HW: Complete day 4 
Due 10/18questionsquestionsquestions 
Week of Oct. 8th
NightNightNightNightNo School NEOEA 
Pre/Post Check: Chapter 7Vocab. Quiz Chap. 4-6Chap. 8 read and annotate Field trip Note: Last grades of quarter! 
Read and annotate Chapter 7Pre/Post Check: Chapter 7 
Vocab. Quiz 4-6, Pre/post- Chapter 7
HW: review 4-6 vocab. quiz 10/9 1/2 period Post Concept checkNote 1st and 2nd period
Appositive/Particles, CommonLit.,
CommonLit. "feathers" due 10/10HW:: Appositive/ParticlesHW: Read and annotate Chap 9Chapter 8 exit ticket
Bell work , Exit ticket Chap.8 formative
Finish Chapter 7Activity Due 101/10
Chap. 8 and 9 for Homework- 1st and 2nd period
Week of Oct. 1
NightNightNightNightNo School PD -staff only
Chapter 4 Prediction ActivityChapter 4- complete Fiction Predictions Chap.5
Point of View Formative Assessment
HW: Read Chapter 4 up to 56reading and annotationsRead and annotate Chapter 5- Chapter 5 
"A few days... Paired Reading   
CommonLit. "Hope..Feathers"HW: Complete FP chart chap. 4HW: Complete FP Chapter 5
Chap.6 read and complete guided annotations for Monday
Due Wednesday 10/10    
Week of Sept. 24th
Review Video on DBQ- completeDraftDraftWork on Elaboration of Final Copy- complete in class
Graphic organizerCheck thesis statementsCheck thesis statementsEvidence 
HW: Complete Organizer    
Commonlit. Due 9/28HW: Quizlet _review vocab.HW: Complete rough draftCommonlit. Due 9/28HW: Quizlet _review vocab.
"I am Offering This Poem"Chapters 4-6 "I am Offering This Poem"Chapters 4-6
Week of Sept. 17th
NightNightNo SchoolNightNight 
Video on DBQ's
Overview of Documents- Packets
 Doc. B in small groups
Read doc. C and D--- groups and discussion.
Frontload DBQ #3Review Group procedures Read and Annootate
Make sure to annotate
 Document A as class- model Make Connections to Nigh
Review Video on DBQ- complete
HW: Commonlit. Auschwitz HW:  Write paragraph for Document A 
HW: Complete Questions/paragraph for Document B
Reminder- CommonLit. Due Friday
HW:  Complete Qeustions and written responses for Monday 20 pts.  
Week of Sept.10th
No SchoolNightNightNightNight Edpuzzle Ellipse
Note: see GoogleClassroom  Chapter 1 page 12-22Paired Reading Chapter 2Read and annotate Chapter 3Vocabulary Quiz Chap.1-3
for links to documents w/annotationsand annotationspp.29-46Read and annotate Chapter 3
HW: Chapter 1 ActvityHW: Complete Chapter 2 Chapter 3 -3 level activity
pp.29-46, Complete 3 level guide
CommonLit. Due 9/14
Review vocab. on Quizlet Chap 1-3, Quiz Friday
HW:  Complete 3 level Guide
Week of Sept. 3rd
No SchoolNight MAP TestingNight MAP TestingNightNight MAP Testing
Write multi paragraph
essay based on reading
Join Class on Quizlet InviteFormer Auschwitz...
HW: Read Chapter 1 - up to pg 12
HW : Vocab Chap.1-3of Night
Week of August 27th
NightNightNightNightNo School Fair Day
Complete:Jewish SocietySetting and ContextAuschwitz Guard Auschwitz Guard
How did Hitler gain power andRead Preface and ForwardLink 1Link 1
begin Nazi Rule?Pass out novelsLink 2Link 2
HW: Complete web questionHW: Complete Preface and3 Level Guide4 corners activity
on Hilter; Commonlit. Due Thurs.ForwardHW: Complete 3 Level guide
Week of August 20th
8_Sept.ELA 2018Room organization /Google CClassroom GuidelinesWWII Map ActivityWWII Map Activity
Marshmallow Activity- interest Remind 101 pg.20-23Impact on Jewish Society
inventories/ Summer reading
tabletop discussion pg.23tabletop discussion pg.24
HW:  CommonLit
Elie Wiesel - Due 8/30 
Writing response
Signature Page -Due 8/24HW:  Complete Paragraph from class Table Topic Discussion - Due 8/24 
No SchoolNight MAP TestingNight MAP TestingNightNight
Write multi paragraph Group Analysis of essays
essay based on readingGrade own essay
Join Class on Quizlet InviteFormer Auschwitz...HW: Complete Grade My Essay
HW : Vocab Chap.1-3
doc. posted on Google classroom
" Annabell Lee"Formative on "The Raven"Thanksgiving BreakThanksgiving BreakThanksgiving Break
2nd read of the poem
Answers "The Tale Tale Heart" First read
HW: Complete Day 2 activitiesHW: Review vocab. on
Quizlet - Quiz 11/29
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