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Assistant Principal
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Happy New Year and welcome back!

Vaping is increasing around the country, and we are seeing this at our school as well. Vaping is the act of using an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) to inhale a substance through a personal vaporizer. The vaporizer, most often called a vape or a Juul, is a device that looks very much like a USB flash-drive, a laser pointer, and/or a fancy pen. These items often fit in your hand, and hold an electronic charge like a battery to make it portable. 

While an e-cigarette may not contain tobacco, the inserts (juice) used in this device can contain nicotine, other chemicals, and/or other types of drug-related oils and substances. Vaping releases small amounts of water vapor that are hard to detect and do not linger. The design of the vaporizer  makes it harder for adults to readily recognize what is being held.

Here are some tips to help try to determine if your student may be vaping: 
  1. Items that appear to fit the description above (flash-drive, laser pointer, etc.).
  2. While some are odorless, many inserts have added flavors and scents to enhance the experience and can smell like a fruity or spicy body spray or lotion. 
  3. Increased intake of fluids, especially water (additives in the vapor can cause dry-mouth).
  4. Decrease in desire for caffeinated beverages (additives in vapor can cause a sensitivity or avoidance of caffeine). 
  5. Nosebleeds (vapor can dry out the nasal passages)
Vaping in school or on school property is considered the same as using cigarettes, and the e-cigarette and any items used with them are considered smoking paraphernalia. Our school code of conduct prevents their use in school or at school events, and having them in school is against our code of conduct, also any student found using or in possession of an e-cigarette will receive a three day out-of-school suspension.

Please see the links below for more information about vaping and it’s harmful effects:




Ron Dahlhofer

Assistant Principal/Director of Data and Assessment
West Geauga High School
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