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Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal
I would like to take this time opportunity to thank our parents and guardians for their support in assisting with attendance and disciplinary issues. Working together, parents, teachers, and the administration have a greater chance of success in keeping students on the right track. Graduation is right around the corner. Any senior suspended during the 4th quarter will be denied participation and attendance in the Commencement activities. All students are expected to maintain proper attendance and to comply with our Code of Conduct and Dress Code as outlined in the 2018-19 Parent-Student Handbook. Saturday School will be open on a bi-weekly basis until June 8th.

As we near the end of the school year and all the related activities and celebrations that accompany it, you will hear this message over and over again: Alcohol and drug-related accidents are the number one cause of death of young adults in this country. Monitor your child’s whereabouts and insist that all parties are drug and alcohol-free. It’s not only prudent; it’s the law. Parents often call me asking for advice on how to keep their children from using alcohol and drugs. My advice is to get involved in your child's life. Don’t just assume they are making the right decisions. Be a parent; you are not their best friend. Ask questions. If they are going out, verify where they are going. Call the other parents, check out the details. We all want to trust our kids, but we need to let them know the boundaries and let them know we are concerned by checking on their activities.

Sometimes students need the language to help themselves stay away from risky situations. Here are some lines they can use.

• “I like you, but I don’t like alcohol.”
• “I’d get kicked off the team if I was caught around alcohol.”
• “It makes me uncomfortable to be around alcohol.”
• “I’d be happy to help you (go to a teacher, parent or coach), but I can’t be around you when you use alcohol.”
• “My dad (or mom, grandmother, etc.) would kill me if they knew I was around alcohol.”
• “No, thanks. It’s not for me.”
• “Why would I want to mess up a good thing? I am cool the way I am.”
• “You’re kidding, right? Why would I do something so dumb?”
• “No way man, alcohol is stupid.”
• “I can’t use alcohol. I have a big game (or test) tomorrow.”
• “I tried drinking once and I threw up.”
• “That’s illegal. I don’t want to get in trouble (have my license taken away, get kicked out of school, ruin my chance for a scholarship, etc..)”

Role play different situations with your student:

Pretend you are at a party and someone offers you alcohol. What would you say?

Pretend you are at a party and someone who you know has been drinking offers you a ride home.  What would you do? Who could you call?

Pretend you are at a party and friend of yours has passed out and you cannot wake them up.  What would you do? Who could you call?
Adapted from: The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign's Behavior Change Expert Panel

Here are some end-of-the-year important procedures for students and parents:

Attendance:  All students are expected to be in attendance each day through the end of the school year as indicated in the Final Exam Schedule included in the May newsletter.

Parking Permits:  2019-20 Parking Permits will be handled in a similar manner as this year. The application will be made available online. Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores will be permitted to apply for a parking permit. More information will follow in upcoming newsletters.

Fees/Fines:  All school fees/fines must be paid in full before seniors can pick up their cap and gown.

Senior Final Exams:  Senior final exams will be scheduled from May 28 - May 31.

Ron Dahlhofer 
Assistant Principal/Director of Data and Assessment
West Geauga High School
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