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Last week -  Graphing calc packets          Have a great summer.  Good luck at the HS.
Notebooks will be collected end of May.   Algebra Ch 6 test June 1st.
All EC due in by May 29th.   Geom final Tuesday, May 29th.
Week of May 14th
Math 8 - Quiz on the Four color theorem and sets Friday
Geom - Test of Ch 12 Friday
Algebra - Study Island packet due in by Monday if not in last week
                  Quiz on sets and the Four color theorem  Friday
Week of May 7th - Due in by Friday:  Williamsburg WS, unfinished packets 
Geom - Ch 11 test Friday 
Week of April 30th - Have a great class trip!   Williamsburg WS due next week 
Week of April 23rd - Map packet due sometime this week 
AIR math test April 17/18th,   Final Khan assignment due April 16th     Any Khans you want to make up due April 16th
Week of April 9th - Khan 14 due Monday,
Math 8 - Khan 14 due Monday
Geom - Khan 14 due Monday
Algebra - Khan 14 due Monday 
Week of April 3rd  -  State math tests April 17 & 18th   Do all you can to prepare!
Math 8 -  due Tues - Khan 13
                 due Thursday - Form A, 6 problems
                  due Monday - Khan 14 
Geom - due Tues - Khan 13
               due Thursday - packet #1-10
               due Monday - Khan 14 
Algebra - due Tues - Khan 13
                  due Thursday - two WSs 
                  due Monday - Khan 14 
Have a great break.  Khan due Tuesday, April 3rd, first day back 
Week of March 19    Next Khan due Tuesday, April 3rd, first day back 
 Math 8 - due in by Thursday:  Form A, Form B, angle WS
Geom - Due Wed - Transformation packet 2, circle WS again            Work on Transformations #3 packet
Algebra - due Tuesday - Eqn ws
                 due Wed - WS
                  due Thursday - back of Monday's hw
Week of March 12       Pi Day Wednesday,       Career Day Thursday,
Math 8 - due Tuesday - Form B packet
                 due Friday - Pi day WS, Khan
Geometry - test Monday on Ch 10
                  due Friday - circle WS, Pi day WS, Khan
Algebra - due Tuesday - review WS B
                  due Friday - Pi day ws, Khan 
Week of March 5 
Math 8 - Due Friday - Khan
                due Tuesday - WS
                 due Thursday = Pyth Th WS
                due Friday - Form A
Geom - Ch 10 test Friday
               due Friday - Khan
               due Tuesday - WS
Algebra - Due Friday Khan 
                  due Tuesday - WS
                  due Wed - 2 truths and a lie
                  due Friday - Form A packet, 6 questions
Week of February 26th - a Khan assignment is due every Friday now until testing 
 Math 8 - due Wed - EC WS, back of Congruence Statement packet
                 due Thursday - #6, 9 in Dilation packet                 
                 due Friday - Khan
Geom - due Monday- brain teaser WSs, Ch 10 problems
               due Wed - EC WS
                due Thurs - 10.5 problems 
               due Friday - Khan, Ch 10 WS
Algebra - due Tuesday - defintion WS, T/F WS
                  due Wed - EC WS, finish Two Way Table WS and Alg WS
                  due Friday - Khan, Standard Dev packet #2
Week of February 21st 
Math 8 - Khan due Friday 
                due Thursday - Translation packet from class
                due Friday - 4 problems from Reflection packet
Geom - Khan due Friday, HS scheduling during geom Friday 
               due next Monday - brain teaser WSs from last Thursday,   10.1-10.4 problems
Algebra - Khan due Friday 
                 Due Thursday - parabola packet from last Thursday and packet from this week
Why not do your Khan or EC over the long weekend? 
Week of February 12th - Khan #9 due next week    EC due the end of the month
 Math 8 - due Tuesday, square root WS from last Friday
                 due Wed - Pyth Th WS
Geom - Ch 9 test Wednesday
Algebra - due Tuesday - Area WS from last Friday  
                 due Wed - Parent function packet
Week of February 5th - All students have EC they can be working on 
 Math 8 - Khan #8 due Friday
                   due Tuesday - Area WS from class
                   due Friday - 6 volume probs on WS
Geom - Khan #8 due Friday 
               due Wed - 9.5/9.6 problems
               due Thurs - 9.7
               due Friday - 9.9
Algebra - Khan #8 due Friday 
                 due Tues - Function packet pages 1-3, 6, 7
                 due Wed - finish packet
                 due Thurs - scatterplot WS
Week of January 29th     Khan #8 now up and due Feb 9th    All students have EC they can be working on
Math 8 - Monday Line Geom test
               due Friday - TTT WS both sides
Geom- Monday, quiz on radicals
             due Tues: finish 9.3 probs, do WS                                                                        Friday is Day 100
             Friday:  test on first half of Ch 9 
Algebra - Monday, slope test
                  due Friday:  inequality packet for EC , scatterplot packet EC
Week of January 22nd 
 Math 8 - due Tuesday: back of WS 7-9 from last Friday   test on Line Geom Monday
                  due Friday:  Khan #7, 
                  due Thursday: bot sides of WS 7-7
Geom - Ch 8 test Monday 
               due Tuesday:  9.1 problems
               due Friday:   Khan #7
                due Wed:  radical WS
               due Thursday: Rad WS2,  quiz on radicals and quad eqns
Algebra - due Tuesday: algebra WS from last week    test on slope, eqns, inequalities, scatterplots coming soon
                    due Friday: Khan #7 
                   due Wed; page 1 & 4 in inequality packet
                   due Thursday:  MC WS
Week of January 16th - Khan #7 now up due Jan 26th.  Join your math google classroom! 
Math 8 - due Wed:  TP lab, calc riddles, sign up for google classroom  Quiz on notes Friday.
                 due Thursday:  two WSs from class, parallel lines
Geom - 8.3/8.4 probs, Ch 8 test coming up next Monday
             due Thursday: finish 8.5 probs, begin review probs in book
Alg - due Wed:  4-4/4-5 WS  if not turned in during class, HW graphing WS, quiz on slope Friday
         due Thursday:  graphing WS #2
Week of January 8th - Do you need a new notebook? 
Math 8 - Due Thursday: five level eqns WS to finish and correct, TP tube needed for Thursday 
                Due Friday - Khan #6
                Class notes from Tues and Wed are on web page 
 Geom - TP tube needed for Thursday
               Due Friday - Khan #6
               Tues 8.1, Wed 8.2
Algebra - Due Thursday - Holiday WS due
                 Due Friday - Khan #6 
Have a great break! 
Week of December 18th - Last week of the quarter, all work needs to be in by Thursday 
Do you need a new notebook?
Khan #6 up, due January 12th, for all classes
 Math 8 - Functions test Monday, bring in a TP tube, due Wed equations WS
Geometry - Ch 7 test Wed, bring in a TP tube
Algebra -  
Week of December 11th 
 Snow Day!  Algebra and Geom midterms still on for Friday.  Functions test moved to Monday.
                  Khan still due Friday.
Math 8 - Khan due Friday, Functions test Friday, bring in a TP tube
                due Tues - Mapping WS
                due Wed - WS with five review questions 
Geometry - Khan due Friday, bring in a TP tube
                         Begin Ch 7, midterm Friday
                         due Wed - finish 7.1/7.2 probs from class 
Algebra - Khan due Friday
                  Midterm Friday
                  due Tuesday - Ch 4 WS
Week of December 4th  - Do you need a new NB?    Khan #5 due December 15th.
Math 8 - begin Functions unit.
                due Friday - EC WS
                due Wed - half sheet and WS side A
                 due Thursday - 1st qtr review WS, finish from class
Geometry - Test on Ch 5 Friday, midterm before break
                     due Tuesday:  5.5, 5.6, 5.7 problems
                     due Wed - index card, finish probs from class
                      due Friday - EC balances and Hashi
Algebra - Test on Ch 5 Friday, Do your Khan this week to prepare for test, midterm next week
                  due Friday - EC 
                  due Tuesday - factoring WS page 47
                  due Wed - MC WS, can finish probs from class 
Week of November 27th
Math 8 -  due Tuesday, graphing WS from class
                due Wed, @A & 2B on WS
                 due Thursday:  51 flag EC
                due Friday:  Khan #4
                Test Friday on linear eqns  Thursday's review is posted on my web page under math 8
Geom - start Ch 5   EC due next week
               due Tuesday:  Ch 4 packet from last week
               due Wed:  5.2 & 5.3 probs
                due Thursday - highlights in quad packet 
                due Friday:  Khan #4
Algebra - continue with Ch 5  EC due next week
                 due Tues - Mult monomials WS, first column
                 due Wed - factoring WS, first column
                  due Friday:  factoring WS, 15 probs
                              Khan #4 
Week of November 20th - Khan #4 due Dec 1st     
 Happy Thanksgiving!
Math 8 -  due next Thursday:  51 flag EC
Geom - Ch 4 test Monday
              due next Monday, Ch 4 packet 
Algebra - Ch 5 part one test Monday 
Week of November 13th 
 Math 8 - Khan #3 due Friday
                 due Wed - WB pages 9 - 30      
Geom - Ch 4 test next Monday
               Khan #3 due Friday 
               due Thurs - work on review packet, review book pages
Algebra - Khan #3 due Friday
                  Ch 5 quiz coming up next Monday
                  due Tues, exponent WS
                  due Thurs, back of exponent WS
                   due Friday, WS part A 
Week of November 6th
Math 8 - Khan #3 due Friday, Nov 17th.  
                Coor geom test Friday, Nov 10th 
                due Tues - back of 8-5
                due Wed - back of review WSs 
                due Thurs - finish class WSs 
                51 flag, EC, due Nov 30th 
Geom - Khan #3 due Friday, Nov 17th.  
               Ch 3 test Wed 
               packet due Thursday 
Algebra - Khan #3 due Friday, Nov 17th.  
                  Ch 4 make up Wed
                 due Thursday, pages 197 & 199 
                 due Friday - packet
Week of October 30th 
8th graders on Lolly trip this week, Wed or Friday, you are responsible for the work whichever day you are in class
 Math 8 - Khan #2 due Friday
                 due Thursday: slope WS corrections (first and second periods), WSs 4-4 & 4-5 (from class Friday),   graphing WS 
                  M&M activity also due Thursday if not done in class 
Geom - Khan #2 due Friday  Test next Wed on Ch 3.
Algebra - Khan #2 due Friday 
                  due Tuesday - paragraph on test analysis
                  retake on Ch 4 next Wed 
Second Quarter 
Week of October 23 
      All classes:  Khan #2 due Nov 3rd 
 Math 8 - due Wed: WS 7 eqns to graph
                   work on your Khan
Geom - due Tues: finish 3.5/3.6 problems
               due Wed: 3.7 problems    Quiz this week Friday
               due Thursday: 3 proofs from 3.8
 Algebra - Ch 4 test Friday 
                  due Tues:  half sheet
                  due Wed: review WS 
                  due Thursday: literal eqn WS 
Week of October 16 - End of first quarter
Math 8 - due Friday: Khan #1 assignment started last week
                due Wed:  packet from some students, 4th period A/B WS
                 due Friday:  1/2 periods, A/B WS
Geom - Monday:  EC due, Ch 2 proofs
              due Friday:  Khan #1 assignment started last week
               due Tuesday:  3.1  #1-5b
               due Wed :  3.2 proofs
               due Thurs:  3 proofs on loose leaf 
Algebra - Monday:  EC due
              due Friday: Khan #1 assignment started last week
               due Tuesday:  one or two WSs 
              due Wed:  exponent WS
               due Thurs:  another exponent WS 
Week of October 9  -  Parent Conferences Thursday 5-8pm 
All classes begin working on Khan Wed and Thursday 
Math 8 - Test Tuesday (eqns, sci not, exponents)
Geom - Ch 2 test algebra Monday
               Ch 2 test proofs next Monday
Alg - due Tuesday:  book pages 
          Due Wednesday:  WS 
 Week of October 2  - Parent Conferences Thursday 5-8pm
 Math 8 - due Wed:  integer WS, both sides               Test next Tuesday (eqns, sci not, exp)
                  due Thursday:  exponent WS, one side
      Smartboard review on my web page 
Geom - All EC due Oct 16th       Ch 2 Alg test 10/9, Ch 2 proofs 10/16
               due Tues - finish probs from 2.5 classwork, read 2.6 do #2, 7, 9, 14
                     do page 106  #12-17  and pg 107  #18, 21 
               due Thursday: book pages 
      continue working on review packets 
Algebra - EC due Oct 16th 
                 Tues - Test on Ch 3 - equations and word problems (make a chart and eqn)
                  due Friday - book pages 
Week of September 25th 
 Math 8 - 89 Pal EC due Friday
                  due Wed - assigned problems from Tues' WS 
                   due Thursday - more problems on same WS
Geom -  due Wed:  set WS from last Friday
                                   book pages from Tuesday 
                                    book problems pg 69 & 79
Algebra- due Wed:  book pages from Tuesday
                 due Thursday - book problems               Ch 3 test next Tuesday
Week of September 18th 
 Math 8 - due Tues back of Eqn WS      89 Pal EC due next Friday
                 due Wed back of fun eqn WS
Geom - due Tues:  If/Then WS   Ch 1 test Friday 
                continue working on review WSs and review probs in book
Algebra - practice problems in Ch 3
                 due Wed - Ch 3 WS
                  due Friday - more of the above WS 
 Week of September 11th
 Math 8 - due Tues: finish expressions WS, Quiz Tuesday
                  Test on Ch 1 Algebra Friday  - lots of review on web page
                        look over your worksheets and your NB 
Geom - due Tues, If/then poster, 1.3  #3, 6, 11-14
               Due Thursday  1.5 probs
               Quiz Friday, 2 eqns, complex fracs, angles in drawings 
Algebra - due Tues: book pages from last Friday
                  due Wed; half sheet 
                  Test Friday on Ch 1&2
                  EC WS due Oct 16th
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