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Grade 3 Crayon Structure, Free Design Lesson

Grade 3 Crayon Structure, Free Design Lesson

CONCEPT GOALS: A LINE is a continuous mark on a piece of paper. A closed area formed by a line is called a SHAPE. A PATTERN is a is a series of repeated design elements. A COLOR SCHEME, or THEME is a selection of colors that is used over and over again to promote unity in an artwork, and UNITY is created when all of the elements of an artwork work together.


MOTIVATION: Show different pattern visuals, man made and natural.

PROCEDURE: (2-3 weeks) On a 9”x12” piece of good-quality white drawing paper, the student draws 2 lines lengthwise (they do not have to be straight, but they DO have to go from edge to edge), and 3 lines across the width of the paper in black crayon. Then, these spaces are broken up further with the black crayon (see samples).

The student then chooses a color scheme of 4-6 colors of crayon, testing them on the back of the paper.

The student’s name is also printed on the back, along with the “class code”

The student uses that color theme to create as many different patterns as possible with those colors in the individual spaces.

Solid colors or black can be used in no more than 3 spaces.

Students then go over the black outlines with crayons to emphasize delineation of spaces.

Finished papers are mounted on 12”x18” black construction paper, and the student’s nameand “Class code” is places on the front of the black construction paper so that the name is visible when the artwork is displayed.

Gluey artwork is placed in the drying rack.

MATERIALS: Assorted crayons, black crayons, cast off envelopes to save crayons in from week to week (or baggies?) 9”x12” good quality white drawing paper, 12”x18” black construction paper, glue, damp sponges for glue clean up. Wallpaper books, other pattern samples.

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