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Homework #1

Homework #1

6th Grade Art Homework #1

6th Grade Homework

#1 Family Activity Due: ____(one week)_____



Draw your family participating in a family activity. For example: together at a park, at a sporting event, eating dinner together, or at the movies.

  • Foreground, Middleground, and Background should be included.
  • Add color and detail.
  • Do homework in your sketchbook.
  • Turn in sketchbook OPENED TO THE PAGE the homework is completed on, on the day it is due, in the box on the teacher’s desk, or it will not be counted as turned in.

General Homework Guidelines:

  • Draw LARGE – try to fill the entire page.
  • Spend at least 45 minutes on your homework.
  • Follow directions

Grading requirements for drawing portion:

· Creativity – 2 points

· Ability to follow directions – 2 points

· Craftsmanship – 2 points

· Quality of work – 2 points

· Effort – 2 points

Use the following art vocabulary words in a complete sentence, writing either on the back of your homework in your sketchbook, or on a separate page in your sketchbook or on a lined piece of paper, or typed on computer paper. MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON IT!!!!: These words and definitions will be posted in the art room.

  • Pointillism
  • Foreground
  • Background

Grading requirements for definition portion:

· Each complete sentence with correct use of art vocab word – 2 Points

· Adding your name, homeroom, and class period you have art – 2 points

· Getting homework in on time – 2 points

Total completed homework is worth a possible 20 points maximum.

We looked at this artwork and noted the increased size, detail, and contrast of the objects in the foreground, and how those aspects decrease in the middle ground and background, and how the different zones, of the painting page (low, medium, high) coincide with the foregound, middle ground and background.
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