Kristin Gregory

Kristin Gregory


The following list is a general syllabus for both the Honors

Chemistry and Chemistry classes. Other topics will be

added as time permits.

I. The Scientific Method

II. The Metric System and Measurement

III. Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry

IV. The Periodic Table

V. Types of Bonding

VI. Molecular Structure

VII. The Mole

VIII. Stoichiometry

IX. The Gas Laws

Please note: I do not round grades. Extra credit is offered throughout the year to give students the opportunity to catch back up in case they had trouble with an assignment or test. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact me.

Chapter Notes

NOTE: The chapter notes found below are for reference only. A new textbook has been purchased for each class. Students should see Mrs. Gregory to obtain a print copy or CDROM of the current notes.
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Honor Chem


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