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Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club
Philosophy Quote of the Week:
"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think"
Hello Fellow Philosophers! Currently, we are in the process of looking for new members want to join?

"Philosophy club is a forum for the sharing of ideas that delve into the past and future in an attempt to seek truth. We explore the possibilities and meanings of life, learning, and human existence in an intuitive, somewhat historical and personal way. Each person brings ideas, insights, opinions, information and experiences to explore and share as we thing about life, seek understanding of others, explore what it means to be human, and try to explain the unexplainable. Time and space, heredity vs. environment, learning styles, medical ethics, famous philosophers, the human mind, logic, reality and metaphysics - all are topics we have explored. It is with wonder, curiosity, and the desire to understand, to gain wisdom to go with our knowledge, that we meet each week, hoping to enlighten and provoke thought with each meeting."

Susanne Flood, Philosophy Alumnus

Q: When does philosophy club meet?
A: Tuesdays from 2:30 to 4:00

Q: Where do we meet?
A: In Mr. Speros's room

Q: Do I have to sign up?
A: No, just show up, you don't even have to come every week. It's open attendance.

Q: How many people come?
A: We've had up to about thirty, and as low as five. Right now about ten people attend regularly.

Can I suggest a topic?
A: Yes, absolutely. Sometimes we don't even have a topic when we start the meeting.

Q: Do we have to talk about that one topic on that day?
A: We usually discuss several topics and sometimes they don't even relate to the main topic.
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