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Classroom Homework Policy


Homework is an essential component to your child's growth and development as a life long learner. All second graders are expected to record, complete and turn in daily homework assignments. The teacher will post these assignments for the students to record in their assignment notebooks. Credit for completed homework will be included in your child's grade under Work/Study Habits on the report card. Homework is review and application of skills that are being learned and/or previously learned by your child. It is also used to help the teacher design instruction based on your child's individual learning needs.

Assignment Book
---Students record daily assignments in their book. Please initial daily during the first grading period as they adjust to this new procedure.

Home Folder ---Students should keep all papers that need to be returned to school on the right side of their Home Folder. Papers that are to stay home on the left side of their Home Folders. Please be sure to have your child empty his/her Home Folder daily. Please be sure that they return any papers that are needed for the next day, i.e., spelling, poem, and/or math home link assignment.

Poetry Folder
---Every Friday your child will bring home his/her Poetry Folder with this week's poem and any returned items from the week. Please review these items with your child and keep them at home. Listen to your child read the poem fluently and complete the Lucky Listener sheet for the week. Place both poem and Lucky Listener in the folder behind the week's before. Please be sure your child returns it to school the following Monday.

No Homework ---returned to class on the due date will be subject to a note from the teacher to the parent. It must be signed and returned the next day with the assignment or recess will be missed so they child can complete the necessary assignment.
If your child can not do the assignment due to a family emergency or some other extenuated circumstance, please send a note or e-mail to me. All other excuses will not be allowed.

Grading Policy

This year your child will be evaluated using a rubric with the following marks: CA- Consistently Achieving; P: Progressing; and NI: Needs Improvement on their report card. These grades are derived from a variety of sources: In class assignment, projects, tests and quizzes. The grade will be assigned as a percentage of a specified amount of points accumulated throughout the grading period. While homework is an essential component to your child academic progress, it is not included in your child's letter grade. In addition, points will be weighted according to assignment importance. For example, if the assignment is part of your child's learning experience it will not be assigned as many points as a quiz, test or project designed to show mastery. Children should not be penalized during the learning process. Assessment at this stage is used for teacher input and to drive instruction based on individual learning needs.

Please note: Science/Social Studies, Art, P.E., and Music are only graded at the Semester term (second and fourth quarters).
 CA 100-90
P 70-89
NI 0 -69

CA Consistently Achieving
P Progressing
NI Needs Improvement

Other marks that are used:
star= excellent, no errors
check plus= good effort, minimal errors
check= average, several errors
check minus= below average, too many errors (often times I will have students correct their mistakes and return the paper to me).
When reviewing tests, I will sometimes put the percentage correct on the paper just for you to get an idea of how many were answered correctly, but it does not correlate to an actual grade.

Absence Policy


If your child is out sick please call the attendance line.
Pick up notes should be written for the current pick up day only.

If you are going to be out of town please write a note and inform the office of the absence.
729-5981 to report the absence.

Behavior Policy


The students have agreed to follow the classroom rules posted in our room. We have a three strike policy:
Strike One: Warning
Strike Two: Complete Time Out Worksheet
Strike Three: Parent and/or Office Notification
Student behavior will be addressed on an individual basis and parents will be notified of infractions of classroom and/or school rules.

Students will be rewarded for good behavior with "Fun Friday" activities and/or other privileges such as computer lab free time, talk time or game time.

Lunch Policy


School Lunch Menus:

Did you misplace the school lunch menu? If so, go to our webpage, you will find the menu.

The cost is $2.80 a day.
If your child forgets his/her lunch at home, he/she will be given a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

In regards to recess, please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the day's weather.

Bus and Pick Up Policy


Please be sure your child is aware of their transportation plans.

If you plan on picking your child up, please send an office note in the morning so their name can be included on the school pick-up list. Pick up notes can be downloaded from the school website.

If you decide late in the day to pick up your child or forget the note, please call the office.
I have classes all afternoon and may not get to the phone or an e-mail.

Request that the office call the classroom to relay your child's arrangements.

If the child does not have a note they will be put on their assigned bus.

Due to over crowding, students are not permitted to ride any bus other than their assignment.
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