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Major Works of Second Grade

Second-graders continue to relate science concepts and skills to their life
experiences. They compare similarities and differences between people, animalsand plants. Living system functions and the interactions they have with theirphysical environment are explained. Focus is placed upon habits, and thenterdependence and survival of plants and animals in Ohio. Weather changes both short term and long term are observed, described and measured.Second-graders discover how cycles are present in their everydaylives throughnvestigations of Earth and sky, sound and light, and plants and animals. Studentsrecognize the purpose, process and effects of technology, simple equipment and instruments used in learning about science. Students develop an awareness of repeated scientific investigations and understand that under the same conditionsthe results are similar or the same, which will build skills for grade two.

The Harcourt Brace Textbook provides the students with essential opportunities to read non-fiction selections. The units will include vocabulary development as well as concept instruction. Activities done during the unit support your child's learning of specific concepts. Your child's mastery of content will be pre-tested, assessed during instruction and as a culminating assessment. Note, alternative assessment methods may be used in place of chapter tests (i.e., journaling, presentations, projects).
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