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Progress Book
 December 4th - 8th, 2017


  • Complete notes on “Geography” and “Economy” in our CLOZE activity

  • Review Section 1 “Geography of the Fertile Crescent” by completing:

    • Section Quiz 1 Worksheet

    • Questions on page 15 (1 a,b,c and 2 a,b) in complete sentences

Homework: “A Fertile Land” map activity due Tuesday



  • Review Geography- “Where in the World Scavenger Hunt” Game

  • Read & Discuss pages 16-17- “River Valley Civilizations”

  • Preview Vocabulary of unit “In Other Words!”

Homework: Cut up and Review Vocabulary Flashcards



  • Preview Section 2 “The Rise of Sumer” -pages 18-22

  • Reciprocal Reading of Section 2 in groups of five

  • Complete “Social Classes of Ancient Mespo”

  • Complete Exit Slip Question- What steps did Sumerian city-states take to protect themselves from their rivals?

Homework: Review Vocabulary Flashcards & map



  • Focused Free Write Question- How do you think Sargon’s creation of an empire changed the later history of Mesopotamia?

  • City-state review:

    • Go to go.hrw.com

    • Put in code SGD7 CH1

    • Click on The City State of Ur

    • Complete the city-state activities

  • Complete “Vocabulary Builder 2”

  • Watch Mr. Nicky Mesopotamia Rap on Youtube

Homework: “Section 2 Quiz” worksheet due Friday



  • Jigsaw Activity- Sumerian Achievements-pages 23-27

  • Group presentations on each subsection

Homework: Reread pages 23-27 in textbook

December 11th - 15th


  • Complete notes on “Achievements” and “Government/Leadership”in our CLOZE notes activity

  • Sumerian Review:

    • Go to Ducksters.com

    • Click on Ancient Mesopotamia

    • Read the online article

    • Complete the 10 question quiz

  • Complete Section 3 Quiz worksheet

Homework: Review flashcards (quiz on Thursday), maps, notes for test (Dec. 20th)



  • Read part of Section 4 “Later Peoples of the Fertile Crescent”-pages 28-29

  • Hammurabi’s Code review: 

    • Go to go.hrw.com

    • Put in code SGD7 CH1

    • Click on “Impact of a System of Laws” 

    • Watch video

  • Read “The Code of Hammurabi” and annotate article

Homework: Review vocabulary-quiz on Thursday, maps, notes test (Dec. 20th).



  • Read and annotate “Hammurabi’s Code: An Eye for an Eye”

  • Write introduction: HIT

    • Strong hook-grab our attention

    • Background information- what do we need to know about Hammurabi and his laws

    • Thesis- on topic? Claim? Two reasons?

Homework: Review for vocabulary quiz-Thursday



  • Vocabulary Quiz

  • Complete notes on “Religion” and “Social Classes”in our CLOZE notes activity

  • Preview part of Section 4 “Later Peoples of the Fertile Crescent”-pages 30-33

  • Speaker*Listener Activity-read pages 30-33

Homework: Review map, notes, vocabulary, worksheets test (Wednesday, Dec.20th).



  • Cuneiform Review

  • Cuneiform Project due Monday

Homework:Finish Cuneiform Project due Monday & Study for test on Wednesday!

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