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Spanish 1

Spanish 1

To enable you to develop the skills necessary to communicate in basic Spanish and have some understanding of the Hispanic Culture.

Your grade will be based upon scores on tests, quizzes, homework, projects, class work, and participation. All points earned will be added together to form you quarter grade.

You need to keep an organized notebook which includes all class notes, homework, and assignments I specifically ask you to put in your notebook. Notebooks will be checked periodically throughout the quarter. Bring your notebook with you everyday. (a good idea is a spiral notebook and a folder)

You will start off the grading period with 50 points for participation. Points will be deducted for the following infractions:
-Not completing homework
-Behavior problems
-Not participating
-Not bringing materials to class
-Cutting class
-Not speaking in Spanish

Once we have learned the Spanish work for something, you are required to use it in class!

You need to practice in order to better your Spanish. My obligation to you is to give you homework to make sure you are practicing. Be sure to do the homework when assigned. I will not accept late homework, or homework done in class while we are going over it.


It is the student's responsibility to make sure all work is made-up. You need to see me the first day you get back about missed work. All missed work must be made up within one week. For example, you may not make-up a test taken in September in November! Tests and quizzes will be made-up before school, after school, or during my free period. NOT DURING CLASS!

I realize that all of you did not study Spanish this past year. Therefore we shall begin with a review. Those of you who have already had some Spanish may already know the material. However, do not believe that this will make the course too easy. If you do the assigned work, you will be a successful Spanish student. Remember this is a College Prep. Course.
  1. All rules stated in the student handbook apply in Spanish Class.
  2. Follow instructions the first time given.
  3. Stay in seat until dismissed by the teacher.
  4. Show respect for everyone.
  5. Bring all materials needed for class: -Notebook, book, workbook, pencil/pen
  6. Passes:You are allowed two (2) EMERGENCY bathroom passes per quarter. Once you have reached your two pass limit, a suspension point will be given if you need to use a pass after that.
  7. Eating and drinking is not allowed in class unless it is a "fiesta" day.
  8. Cell phones and other electronic entertainment devices are not permitted. Two (2) suspension points will be assigned if you use these items or i see those items in class.
  9. Books must be covered at all times.
  10. Arrive on time.
  11. No sleeping during class.

Possible Consequences:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Loss of participation points/ removal from class
  3. Call Home
  4. Detention/ Suspension points
  5. Written referral to Principal

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