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Permanent Improvement Levy

Issue 27 will not raise your taxes. It renews the 2.75 mill five year permanent improvement levy expiring in 2017

Issue 27
is a Permanent Improvement levy that by law can only be used for capital improvements. Because the District has dedicated funds for capital improvements, the General Operating Fund is focused on instructional expenditures. A Permanent Improvement levy cannot be used on salaries, benefits or other annual operating costs.

What will this levy fund?

After using the last permanent improvement levy to replace all the roofs at our four schools, there are still major repairs needed to keep our buildings safe, secure and running efficiently. These funds will be used for ongoing maintenance and upkeep on projects such as parking lots, storm water drainage systems, water treatment systems and wells, buses and other maintenance vehicles, safety/security equipment, technology, heating and air ventilation control projects, locker rooms, skylights, lighting, windows, doors, and equipment.

Will the levy still qualify for “rollback” and homestead exemptions?

Yes, since it is a renewal. The State of Ohio pays for a portion of the taxes that are either “rolled back” or exempted. The rollback reduces the property taxes by 10% and the 2.5% exemption reduces your property taxes by that amount if it is your primary residence. If this were a new levy, it would not qualify for the rollback or exemptions.

What happens if the levy is not renewed?

The funds needed to repair our aging buildings and parking lots would come out of the District’s General Operating Fund, significantly affecting our ability to keep up with necessary repairs and maintenance of our facilities.


Did you know …
Westwood Elementary was constructed in 1959 with additions in 1960 and 1996

Lindsey Elementary was built in 1965 with additions in 1969 and 1996

West Geauga Middle School was constructed in 1962 with additions in 1963, 1964 and 1996

West Geauga High School was built in 1954 with additions in 1956, 1958, 1961, 1966, 1969 and 1996

West Geauga Permanent Improvement Levy FAQS
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