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Mamie Hardy

Class of 1999


Intelligent, Strong, Humorious and Tall
Throw in Brave and Creative-YES!- She had it all!
Her Beauty made ever male glad he was a born a man
Her Love of Life was Powerful and Grand

In the Chagrin Valley on the Muldrew Farm
Her youth was spent-Loved, supported and safe from harm
There were Horses, Chickens, and hundreds of fruit trees
Those days were full, fun, crazy, and happy

She was a West Geauga "Wolverine"
Her high school days were the fullest ever seen
Sports, activities, studies, and art
She put her energy and passion into each part

For her study and exploration was not work but play
While in school she studied the Native ways
Every Summer she would go to a week long Sundance
There she found Spiritual Love, Growth, and Abundance

It was off to Montana "U" after West "G"
The West Capture her with it's Adventure and Majesty
Skiing, camping, hiking, and scaling rock walls
She was never stopped by a stumble or fall

Too Damn soon-one night on a Montana highway
Her Beautiful Spirit-from us-fled away
She would not want us to be Marous or Blue
She would desire us to live our lives fuller-
With part for her too!!!

Do not grieve for Mamie-but be in Gratitude
For to not have known her-that would make us blue
So next time you canoe, bike, or hike
Remember her Passion and true Beauty-
Now, that she would really like!!!


2-16-03 Bob Quail


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