Marching Band Concert

Lounging around...

The Wolverettes salute the
flag during the National Athem.

The brass section shows
off what they can do.

Mrs. Cosenza masterly directs the marching band.

The percussion section
rocks on chimes.

The percussion rocks out
in the spotlight.

The brass section
gives a powerful blow.

The Wolverettes do their masterful kicks.

The Wolverettes line up to get ready for the next number.

The Percussion section lines up in front of the audience.

The drummers pound away at their drums.

Mr. Cosenza does what he can do best.

The Flag Corp shows off their moves.

The Senior Wolverettes line up to do their own little number.

Marty Kosovich poses for the camera.

After a long night the Marching Band still has to clean up after themselves.