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CVC expands to include four new Schools
by Erik Beck, Staff Writer

The Chagrin Valley Conference (CVC) has been the host to West Geauga athletics for many years. The conference is split into two divisions, each containing six schools. The two are the Chagrin and Valley Divisions. The Chagrin Division consists of West Geauga, Chagrin Falls, Perry, Orange, Aurora and Wickliffe. The Valley Division consists of Cardinal, Berkshire, Grand Valley, Newbery, Hawken and Kirtland.

At the start of the 2005-2006, school year there will be an addition of five schools to the CVC. These five schools include Independence, Richmond Heights, Beachwood, Cuyahoga Falls and Kenston. These schools will be split into both the Chagrin and Valley Divisions. Both Kenston and Beachwood would join W.G. in the Chagrin Division, while Independence, Richmond Heights and Cuyahoga Falls would be added to the Valley Division. The CVC is also looking at a possible three division conference instead of adding schools to the two current divisions; the third division might be called the Metro Division.
The addition of the five schools will be done with the intention of making the CVC a more competitive conference; it should lead to tougher and more “down to the wire” title races. The expansion intent is to bring new excitement to each of the sports at the conference schools. The topic of expansion has brought out many opinions. There are many people who feel that expanding the CVC will do just what the intentions are, but there are also people who feel that expanding will not improve the CVC play, claiming that more teams will only make the competition stay the same if not make it weaker. There is also a concern about adding teams to the current divisions, so many think the idea of a third division would be the best way to go for the CVC.

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