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Point-Counterpoint: Gay Straight Alliance
Anti - Alliance
by Kristin Heines, Lifestyles Editor

My headline was inspired by a fellow senior, Joe Lubelski, who was attempting to explain to junior Charlie McDonald, why (or why not) only one side of a controversial issue could thrive as an organization. He's most definitely correct; if anyone was to bring up an idea for a school club, the prefix "anti" would probably get the proposal left outside of Mr. Mueller's door on the road to approval.

However, I'm not one to say that I have a strong opinion about the morality of this issue. First and foremost, I am in no means against gay people. I feel the same way about them as I do about any straight couples; do your thing but keep me out of it. And that's precisely why I chose to counter Aniko; the Gay-Straight Alliance is involving not only me, but also some of my peers who feel more strongly about the issue.

First I'd like to point out how sensitive the matter really is. For those of you who are starting to smoke out the ears, let me ask you this - How would you feel if flyers were handed out in our school that read...

"Homophobics Unite!" Quite frankly, I wouldn't want to be in any of the administrators' shoes when the phone starts to ring. As you may have noticed (or neglected not to notice) the homophobics have left their opinions outside of the classroom. Yes, I'll admit, when our basketball fans noticed a cheerleader without a skirt, they felt compelled to chant. However, in school, they're quiet; and as far as the alliance is concerned, the classroom is all that counts.

Yet another point - What's the argument every member of the Gay-Straight Alliance would use when explaining why we have differences?…We can't help it. Now let's examine the term "homophobic." The prefix homo would stand for same and phobia means fear…so homophobics fear "the same." Is it possible they cannot help the fear that's put upon them. I, for one, have arachnophobia. If I had spider-lovers at my throat for simply fearing them, I know I'd revolt. Why? Because I can't help that I'm afraid of spiders. So we can't help whether we're gay or straight, but maybe we can't help whether or not we fear the difference. I'd now like to take the opportunity to congratulate the homophobics of West Geauga; in the four years I've been here, I've yet to see one scream in the hallway - if I saw a spider, I'd surely let out a yell.

Now I ask you - Why create an alliance when everyone appears to be allies in school? If there were problems in school, I might understand the need for such a group. However, there have not been tribulations for the past six months. For the past six days, on the other hand, students, and parents for that matter, have been more vocal about our differences. I, for one, wouldn't blame the students who have always been against the norm. No, I'd say the spark came from the thought of having an active organization in our school that supports one side of a controversial issue. Maybe it would've been acceptable a decade ago, but now there are too many rules. Students who support the opposing side have known this; I think it's about time the people who are pro learn that they are no better; they're just on the other side of the fence. Finally, I think both sides need to know that the grass is greener on the other side. If we all sat on the fence, there'd be no problem.

Speaking of fences, I'd encourage all of you to try to break this barrier. If we didn't have the group, we wouldn't have the controversy…if we didn't have the controversy, we wouldn't have the fence, and if we didn't have the fence, our school would be a much more pleasant place. A lot of you have probably heard this before but we are extremely sheltered. Seniors have already had the "culture shock" lecture before, but for you underclassmen, it's a lot different outside of Chesterland. Gay, straight, white, black, blonde, red head...we're all different. And just in case you have not noticed - we do not need an alliance at West Geauga High School to prove that.

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