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by Heather Vitale, Staff Writer

For most high school students it's extremely tough to maintain good grades and keep up their GPA's. For some (like me), it's tough to even get to school on time on a daily basis. Throughout all the madness and crazy lifestyles that everyone faces, however, many students here at West Geauga manage to go that extra step. National Honor Society (NHS) is a group of students who have a achieved a minimum 3.35 cumulative GPA or higher.

Any junior looking to be accepted into the National Honor Society will be required to fill out and return an activity sheet, which must also have a parent signature. Teachers, counselors, and administrators on a 4.0 scale will evaluate candidates based on qualities like character and leadership. The evaluations will be averaged to produce separate scores in character and leadership. Once submitted by the due date, these scores are considered final. Five teachers then gather to discuss the finalizations of the results for the following year's NHS. President senior Jill Gelhfuss said, "Being president has given me a chance to gain leadership skills. I tutor a lot of people, so it gives me an opportunity to give back. I love being a part of it."

The following juniors have been inducted and make up the NHS class for 2005: Katie Brinager, Daniel Butters, Courtney Cikach, Richard Clark, Terra D'Ambrosia, Matt Dean, Rob Goehrke, Samantha Herzig, Adam Hopkins, James Hopkins, Carly Konieczny, William LaCava, Lisa Makar, Charles McDonald, Benjamin Metcalf, John O'Donnell, Charles Prueter, Melissa Pukay, Michael Reinhard, Marisa Rendina, David Rigotti, Brian Sacash, Arielle Schindler, Megan Scott, Brittney Thrush, Salvatore Totino, Nicole Tranchita and Christine Trivett.

In addition to the juniors, four seniors also made the list: Sandra Combes, Rob LaTourette, Eric Leventhal, and David Oriani.

Brian Sacash commented, "I'm honored to be part of such a prestigious group. It's cool to be in it."

Congratulations to all the newly inducted juniors and seniors who made the list for NHS. It is a great privilege and they all should be very proud of their accomplishments.

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