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SAO: Couch Control
by Anthony Geraci, News Editor

With all the responsibilities that go with being in student council, it seems right that we are rewarded. The SAO room (which stands for Student Activities Office), located in the main lobby, is a place were student council can get some work done. Now you might think that any student can just waltz in and sleep on the couch, but that is not the case. Students have to meet criteria in order to be able to receive a permanent pass to SAO. One must be a senior in student council or any other officer with a study hall. Student council does not abuse the room, and we should not be judged poorly on what kind of privileges we receive.

Being a member of student council, and someone who regularly is in the SAO room, I completely agree with having the room at our disposal. We are supposed to represent West. G, so where is the problem ? Some students do believe that it is not fair, but the reality of it is that they are the ones not allowed in. If it is such a problem, then we should get rid of all the like rooms in the school. For instance, the senior lounge! Students are permitted to have a radio, sit on a couch, talk, eat, and use vending machines; in addition, they are placed in a separated section of the cafeteria. Recently, the couch in the senior lounge became a problem. The problem is that students, (underclassmen primarily), have been abusing the couch. SAO has been the scapegoat for this action, but it is not our fault the couch was placed in the SAO room.

Another example is that most clubs in the school have a certain room where they stay. Latin students have Mr. Prueterís room, the Whirlwind has Mr. Marinoís room, Mr. Schutz and Mr. Rogge hand out permanent passes, and the t.v. production has Mr. Bishopís room. Getting rid of SAO wouldnít be fair when other organizations in the school hand out permanent passes to their rooms.

If youíre thinking that SAO has no rules and the kids just run wild , well thatís not true at all. Mrs. Cimaglio, student council advisor and the one in charge of the room, can be seen throughout the day handing out points and kicking students out of the room. She even removes student council advisors when theyíre not scheduled to be in there. There is no bias as to who is allowed in and who isnít; itís permanent passes only. (if you donít believe it, take a walk to the room where the note is posted in big letters on the front door).

The room is completely fair and useful. Itís a place to conduct meetings, get work done, and have a quiet, more intimate study period. Student Council does a lot for the school, why start to penalize us now?


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