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Big Fish
by Rachel Gorjanc, Staff Writer

Witches and werewolves and giants, oh my! We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore, Toto. “Big Fish” is far from the ordinary and even farther from most other films to date. Director Tim Burton delivers a unique story in a very tasteful and magical manner.

Based on novel by Daniel Wallace, “Big Fish” is a group of bizarre stories told in retrospect from Edward Bloom (the main character). This film is narrated much in the fashion of, “Forest Gump.” Here is the gist of it:

Will Bloom (Billy Crudup) and his father Edward Bloom (Ewan McGregor & Albert Finney) have not spoken in years due to Edward’s oversized imagination and Will’s desire to know only the truth. However, when Will hears that his father is dying, he goes to his father’s house to finally separate the facts from Edward’s life from fiction. In a series of flashbacks, Edwards tells the exaggerated adventures of his life, starting with the absurd details of his birth. Edward believes that his ambitions are too big for the small pond of his Alabama hometown and leaves in order to find something bigger. Throughout his surreal adventures, Young Edward Bloom stumbles across a giant named Karl, a witch with a glass, a pair of Siamese twin lounge singers, a town called Spectre (that is virtually paradise), a circus ringleader who is also a werewolf, and Sandy, the girl he falls desperately in love with. All of Edward’s adventures lead up to a mind-blowing and truly thought-provoking ending.

Personally, I think “Big Fish” was a very unique film, capable of entertaining a diverse audience. Tim Burton created an ingenious, refreshing storyline, which could stimulate and satisfy anyone’s inner child. “Big Fish” is rated PG-13 for a fight scene, some images of nudity and a suggestive reference. It is currently in theaters everywhere, and its running time is 110 minutes.


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