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Couches for All!
by Matt Solomon, Staff Writer

I am a strong believer in privileges for those who earn them, and Student Council officers have most certainly earned them. My problem, however, is that the Student Activities Office has become a privilege for not only Student Council officers, but senior Student Council members and friends of Student Council members. In fact, it has become that only a select group of friends, Student Council members and non-student council members alike, feel welcome in the SAO, while many Student Council members who are not in this group of friends do not feel welcome. It is extremely unfair that a hardworking student who is not buddies with someone who has SAO privileges gets no reward for his/her hard work, while a friend of an officer gets privileges for nothing.

Many say that the Senior Lounge is a privilege for hardworking seniors who are not in Student Council, but to me this is a joke. Senior Lounge is supposed to be a reward for responsible seniors, but in its current state, who would bother working hard to earn such a luxury? While the SAO has multiple amenities (including two couches, a microwave, a stereo, a computer, and a table with chairs), all contained in a room separate from anything else, the senior lounge consists of a cafeteria table, separated from the main study hall by a set of walls that have to be moved between periods. Student Council officers (and their friends) are no more entitled to a comfortable place to relax and do homework than seniors who earn their privilege. Mrs. Phyllis Cimaglio, who is in charge of both the SAO and Senior Lounge, agrees that the two rooms should be equal. Further- more, requirements for Senior Lounge eligibility (maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA and having fewer than 5 suspension points) are far stricter than those to stay in Student Council (maintaining a 2.5 GPA with no point limit).

At the beginning of this school year, the senior lounge contained a couch, a filing cabinet and a CD player. Unfortunately, as school progressed the couch and filing cabinet were repeatedly damaged by underclassmen, before school and during lunch periods, who were not supposed to be using them. Due to these problems, all three amenities were removed, leaving the lounge bare. The couch and CD player were then moved to the SAO, despite the fact that there have been many problems in there. “People eat in the SAO and there are constantly kids in there who aren’t supposed to be…I’ve had far more problems with the SAO than I ever did with Senior Lounge” said Mrs. Cimaglio. Why is it then that the rewards for seniors who have worked hard and done nothing wrong are inferior to the ever increasing bonuses for Student Council officers, some of whom frequently abuse their privileges?


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