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Expanding Minds
by Rachel Gorjanc, Staff Writer

West Geauga High School’s literary magazine, Curio, is expanding its horizons and the minds of those who read it. Curio is a collection of prose, poems, cartoons, and artwork submitted by students in the high school. Although Curio has been around for many years, it is finally reaching its full potential.

There is no doubt that the last issue of Curio was one of the best ever, and not surprisingly, it is due to a very talented and dedicated staff. Senior editors Aniko Zala, Andy Plank, and Jon Hanover lend their literary expertise to a very intelligent staff composed mostly of upper-classmen. To mix it up from past years, the club decided to print three issues per year, instead of the typical once - per - year publication. The first issue was published the week before winter break and sold approximately 150 copies. Each copy costs fifty cents, which helps cover the cost of printing and shipping.

Curio is now accepting entries for the second issue of the year. Submissions can be given to any member of the Curio staff, Mr. Marino, or one of the many Curio drop-off boxes. In a new twist, however, keeping up with today’s technologically advanced world, it is now possible to submit your work via the internet at the following address:

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