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All Your Faded Things
by Aniko Zala, Staff Writer

Anna Oxygen is a wickedly talented girl with an unsetting fetish for scientists and 80's style aerobics. Strange, yes, but it's great as material for her album, All Your Faded Things, released by Cold Crush Records in 2003.

On her debut, Oxygen toys with the smooth timbre of her solo voice against harsh synthesized notes. Her keytar-ruled synth beats are solid and her vocals are warm, sensuous and operatic at times. The result of this stellar fusion is an energetic dance album that is impossible not to sing with, although her lyrics are weird to say the least. Some are concise and descriptive, while others are typical art school lyrics (i.e. abstract and simply cool-sounding). To explain: the songs loosely follow the theme of a “scientist who captures girls’ worlds inside of test tubes and petri dishes.” Of course, the album is not an exercise in listening comprehension. All that is required is a moderate interest in either dance music or truly earth-shaking vocals. All Your Faded Things is a great dance album and definitely worthwhile.


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