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Fun with Computers
by Matt Solomon, Staff Writer

This year after winter break the West Geauga school system returned from two weeks of relaxation to three weeks of frustration and technological paralysis. Computers throughout the school system became nothing more than large, semi-stylish paperweights. What was simply known as , “the computer glitch,” a problem no more understandable than global warming to all but the most enlightened techies, prevented anyone from accessing his/her network accounts.

This problem resulted from the school making a switch from the Novell server to Microsoft after the license from Novell expired. Administrators chose to make the change because staying with Novell would have cost the district $5000. The switch was supposed to be smooth and effortless, taking place while the school was away on winter break. No one foresaw the complications that kept the school at the mercy of the district’s Technology Coordinator, Mr. Ed Chandler, known to most as “the computer guy.” While Chandler did all he could to alleviate the problems and get the network back online, it took several weeks for the system to run smoothly again.

The difficulties were compounded by the fact that this catastrophe occurred right when teachers were attempting to enter grades into their network accounts. While this delay in grades may have been a savior for some , it caused grief for the teachers and lack-of-grade anxiety for the overeager. Despite the roller coaster that resulted from this network mishap, the transition is now complete and everything is running fairly smoothly.

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