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What West G. Wants
by Anthony Geraci, Staff Writer

In the near future West Geauga administrators will be making formal proposals for building renovations. Some possible additions being considered are a fine arts center, pool, and community center. District administrators hope to gain public support for the plans by opening the new facilities up to the public. In response, the Whirlwind staff went out to see what the students really want. We polled two hundred students and here are the results…


42 % Swimming Pool

25% Fine Arts Center

8% More Baseball Fields

8% New Cardio Workout Room

7% On Field Locker Room

5% Turf Field

5% Storage Room for
Sports & other Equipment

Words from the students:

Kit Skurek, Senior: "First, we need to fix the heating problem. This school is always so cold!"

Dom Rocci and friends agree: “We need a slushi machine!”

Rob Skuski, Senior: "We need a hot tub for the weight room."

Gina Jukiewicz, Junior: “We need a swimming pool, because Matt Porrello and I play some mad Marco Polo.”

Brian Sacash, Junior: "We definately need a swimming pool. Our Swim Team needs a place to practice!"

Robin Vlah, Freshman: “I want a turf field because I’m always playing soccer.”

Rachel Cooper, Freshman: “I would want stables for horses.”

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