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The Whirlwind

The Whirlwind is West Geauga High School’s official student-run newspaper. It is produced by Mr. Marino’s Journalism II- IV class. The purpose of the paper is to fulfill the production requirements of the journalism education program at West Geauga and act as a forum for news/opinions in the West G. community. The editorials, views, commentaries and advertisements contained in this publication are the responsibility of the Whirlwind. As a full - credit course, the Whirlwind complies with all policies and guidelines of the West Geauga Local Schools. The course is intended to foster freedom of expression, opinions and speech, however, we reserve the right to edit any submission for grammar, clarity, and length of because of views/ideas/opinions that do not promote the highest standards of ethical and journalistic integrity and that might not necessarily reflect the views of the advertisers, staff, faculty, administration or school board of West Geauga High School or the West Geauga Local Schools. Submissions to the editor are welcome and encouraged.

Editor-in-Chief: Eric Leventhal
Editorial Editor: Jon Hanover
News Editor: Anthony Geraci
Sports Editor: Julie Murawski
co-Lifestyles Editors: Elissa Waldmuller and Kristen Heines
Administrative Assistant: Gabe Schlesinger
Staff Writers: Rachel Gorjanc, Eric Beck, Katie Brinager, Matt Solomon, Aniko Zala, Heather Vitale
Technical Advisors: Mrs. McBride / Mr. Callahan / Ben John
Advisor: Mr. Joe Marino

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