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The Passion of the Christ
by Anthony Geraci, News Editor

Never in this day and age has there been a movie like, “The Passion of the Christ.” Never before has a movie put the name of Jesus and his story into the mainstream media. One could neither turn on the T.V nor listen to the radio without hearing or seeing something about the movie for the past several weeks!

For those who are unfamiliar with the story of the Passion, it goes like this: it’s a depiction of the last twelve hours in the life of Jesus of Nazareth on the day of his crucifixion in Jerusalem. Jesus Christ is captured and sentenced to death by Pontious Pilate. He is forced to endure painful flagellations and for hours he is beaten and lashed until he is presented with his cross. He is forced to carry the cross through the streets, being persecuted at every turn, while still being beaten from behind. When he reaches his destination, the mount of Golgothea, he is nailed to the cross and left to die.

Precise words are hard to come by to do this movie justice. It’s safe to say that it was amazing. It wasn’t just amazing on a religious level, either. The cinematography was outstanding and well put together. All the scenes were well crafted to follow along with the exact gospels from the Bible, so it was as if the book came to life.

The acting in the movie was brilliant, and Mel Gibson (director) surely picked a great ensemble of actors. Jim Caviezel played Jesus and Maia Morgenstern portrayed the Virgin Mary with a chemistry on the screen that I have never seen before.

The way Mel Gibson directed the scenes between the two was pure genius. He really captured the love between mother and son. Monica Bellucci played Mary Magdalene and portrayed her so beautifully that it was as if the “real” woman was on screen. Rosalinda Celetano played the role of evil (this topic has been very controversial as to whether the character was literally Satan, a demon, or just the essence of evil) and chilled me to my bones. The idea of evil is already a terrifying thing, but this woman who played Satan took it to another level. This dark hooded figure plagued scenes with her unmistakable glares and sayings; she brought evil to life.

The film did amazingly well, breaking box office records for pre-sale tickets. Also notable was the amount of support for the film: church leaders, government leaders, and even the pope gave Gibson the, “thumbs up.” However, there were charges of the film being anti-Semitic. It is against the moral of the film to hate anyone, so it would be totally contradictory. Jesus’ preaching throughout the film aimed toward the fact that we should love all, not hate. I personally believe that no person will come out of this film hating anyone. Jewish leaders around the world have embraced this film and denied the charges of anti-Semitism. Also, the woman who played the Virgin Mary was, in fact, Jewish! She made many statements about the movie, saying that it was one of the most beautiful films she has ever come across.

The “Passion of the Christ,” was a beautifully crafted film. Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, white or black, young or old( not too young, though, it’s a graphic) I don’t believe anyone can disagree that it was no less than phenomenal.

Running Time: 2 hours

Rating: R for scenes of violence

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