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Save the Last Dance
by Kristin Heines, Lifestyles Editor

The cold of winter keeps us indoors, but that doesn’t mean we here at West Geauga don’t know how to party. February 21st (a senior girl holiday) was the date of our 2004 winter “formal,” snowball. “Frosted Twilight,” was definitely a success. The head of the operation, junior Courtney Cikach could not have been happier with the end result of all student council’s efforts.

More importantly, our snowball court was quite an extravaganza. The senior court of Nick Bayzath, Dave Difranco, Joe Lubelski, Nick Sambula, and Adam Schultz could not have been a more diverse group of guys. I’m writing to inform you a little more about the king we’ve selected for this year.

Every one of the Bayzath Babes would agree that Nick Bayzath is as studly as it gets. After hearing threats that a group would be wearing shirts in his honor, he wasn’t surprised to see that the publicity paid off. However, this highly advertised senior is not easily interviewed…luckily his friend, Brian McClellan, was there to help me out;

Kristin: For your king of hearts dance, who would be your first choice for a partner?

Nick: I don’t know.

Brian: He’d dance with a mirror.

N: No, don’t put that - ask something else.

K: All right…It was hard to come up with a slogan for the shirts…If you were to make a shirt for yourself, what would it say?

N: I wouldn’t make a shirt for myself.

K: Nick, it’s a hypothetical situation.

N: I just would never make a shirt for myself…I don’t like this question.

K: Okay then (a little bit exasperated)…What’s your favorite subject in school?

N: Math (Brian starts laughing)

K: What’s so funny about that?

B: Nothing, it’s an inside joke.

K: Well, Nick, what do you enjoy so much about math?

N: I don’t know.

K: Well who’s your teacher?

N: Ms. Paine.

K: Well, since you enjoy her class so much, would you dance with her for the King of Hearts dance?

N: Yeah, I’d dance with Ms. Paine. She’s about my height.

K: Would you do math problems during the song?

N: (Almost angrily) No!

K: There are so many things that could go wrong with the dance. How would you handle that pressure?

N: I’d definitely be shaking - I hate being the center of attention.

K: Then how much did you love being selected as the 2004 Snowball King?

N: It felt great, I still didn’t deserve all of the attention, though.

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