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Staff Editorial

Underclassmen, please forgive us if this editorial doesn’t enthrall you. It is an issue exclusively for seniors (although not too long from now, it will be yours, also). As you are aware, a presidential election will be held this year. The Democratic primary election and local elections have passed; unfortunately we were not able to publish a reminder. If you did not vote in the primary, you can still vote in the general election in November if you register by the end of September. Don’t put it off. If you just do it, you won’t have to worry about it until you vote! Registering is easy: just pick up a form in a library or post office, fill it out, and mail it.

As many of you know, our age bracket (18-35) has the lowest voter turnout of any age group. This means that, although we must pay taxes and obey laws, we are choosing to have no say in what those taxes are, who makes up the laws, and who implements the countless other controls the government has on the population. We are given the right to vote by the Constitution, so it only makes sense to exercise our rights and have our say. Many people think that a single vote doesn’t count. But think about it !!

There are many issues that affect young people specifically, and we can vote in favor of candidates who pay attention to those issues. If enough young people who care about those issues decide to vote, their votes can sway the election and actually benefit those who are voting. Why let the elderly (the portion of the population that always votes in the greatest numbers) decide what’s best for teenagers? By not registering to vote, or not voting, you are throwing out your Constitutional right to influence the way the government is run. In some cases, a non-vote may actually be as good as a vote for the candidate you most oppose.

The most important thing, however, is that you understand who and what you are voting for. Do not simply go out and cast a vote one way or the other just because you parents vote that way; many of us have values very different from our parents and we must vote for what we believe.

Furthermore, don’t simply vote for someone or something because of some scanty rumor. There are countless ways to learn about what you are voting for and it is our duty as voters to do some research and thoroughly know who and what we are voting for when we cast a ballot. It is extremely important to know what you stand for, what issue or candidate best fits that, and register your opinion.

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