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Tori - Tori - Tori
by Elissa Waldmuller, Staff Writer

The name Tori Amos is often synonymous with unique and unconventional sounding music. Her weapons of choice when it comes to her songs are her piano and her raw and expressive voice. Tori Amos may not get a lot of radio play, but she has a huge underground following. Each album she has recorded has always been different from the last because she’s not afraid to experiment with new sounds or take a different approach to her music. She has recorded eight albums, her newest one being a greatest hits album entitled, “Tales of a Librarian.”

Her newest CD includes songs from past albums: “Little Earthquakes,” “Under the Pink,” “Boys for Pele,” “From the Choirgirl Hotel,” and “From Venus and Back.” The CD also includes two new songs. “Tales of a Librarian” is a great place to start if you are just getting into Tori Amos’ music; it allows the listener to get a feel for the tones of her past albums. Tori Amos is a diverse artist, so she may not be to everyone’s taste. This CD, though, gives people a chance to get a feel for her and her songs.

Although the songs on “Tales of a Librarian” have been on previous albums, they have been altered or enhanced in some minor way, no longer sounding like the ones played on the radio years ago. Therefore, her new CD cannot serve as a retrospective look back on her career. The CD also includes a bonus DVD, featuring a few sound check video clips, a photo gallery and DVD-audio versions of two songs.

The way Tori Amos tinkers with her songs can be a turn-off to some of her “die hard” fans and misleading to people who haven’t experienced her music before. It’s hard to say whether or not this CD is worth purchasing. As such, unless you’re a Tori fanatic, I’d suggest taking the CD out from the library or borrowing it from a friend for your first listen.

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