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Editors of the Whirlwind -

I applaud you for publishing articles dealing with the Gay-Straight Alliance in our high school. Thank you for bringing these issues to light and giving both sides a place to share their views.

The fact of the matter is that the Gay-Straight Alliance has the legal right to hold meetings because of the Federal Equal Access Act that the Senate passed in 1984. The purpose of the GSA is not to change the sexuality of any of its members or other students attending West G. It is to bring awareness and hopefully acceptance of all types of people.

I was very disappointed with the article, "Anti-Alliance" in a past Whirlwind issue. It was foolish to say that, "…the homophobics have left their opinions outside of the classroom," and to, "...congratulate the homophobics of West Geauga." Though at West Geauga it may not be as apparent as other schools, we do still have problems and they should not be encouraged! To say that no problems exist because you can't see them is very naive.

There may be some truth to the statement, "If we didn't have the group…our school would be a much more pleasant place." But like the Civil Rights conflicts our parents experienced, change is not a pleasant thing to live through; but we have to have change to make our school a better place. I am not saying that violence is the answer (it's not!), yet [raising] awareness is not a horrible thing.

The recent formation of the Straight Only Alliance is absolutely ridiculous. A group of people creating an alliance to just mock another one is horribly immature and not even close to appropriate for school or outside of school. Expressing your views is fine, even good at times, but not at someone else's expense. If you feel that your views on the subject should be shared, talk to your friends and family about it:don't wear duct tape as a protest. What's next for West Geauga High School? How far back into time are we going to regress?

Even though you may not agree with what the Gay-Straight Alliance stands for, that does not give [anyone] the right to ridicule, estrange, or belittle them. Have respect for their and everyone's views.

"I may not agree with what you say, but
I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

- Melissa Rigotti, Junior

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