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Use Your Imagination

by Gabe Schlesinger, Staff Writer

Coming to a fork in the road, you choose a direction. Confident in your decision, you start walking. Come up with two original stories that start in the same place and branch off ! This is just one of the challenges The Destination Imagination team tries to solve.

Destination Imagination is a team that solves problems: not normal problems, but creativity problems. It is an improv competition. They are given thirty minutes to solve a problem, like the fork in the road. It is scored, in the words of Connor Daemand-Yauman, "In the style of Who's Line Is It Anyway." The group is scored on use of props, teamwork, facts, music, instruments, and surprise events. DI challenges involve two parts totaling 300 points. The Central Challenge, worth two-hundred twenty five points, is the challenge the team needs to solve at the bare minimum. The above example of the fork in the road is this kind of challenge. There is also, given one minute before presentation, an additional element that must be included, making up the improve portion. The Side Trip, or secondary challenge is worth 75 points. These are also mandatory. These show off the individual strengths of the team. If a backdrop is required and the team creates a kitchen backdrop, a mechanical clock that works and is created by the team can be used as a sidetrack. Three of these are required.

The West Geauga team consists of Connor Daemand-Yauman, Brody Leven, Amy Javorek, Lynn Hannig, Cassidy Pazniak, Jenny Howell, Jeff Rzeszotarski, and their weasel mascot. The group is lead by Mrs. Rzeszotarski and Amy Javorek. Connor's personal favorite part is, "Hanging out with the coolest people doing the nerdiest things." This year they were regional and state champions but they missed last years high point of global champion.

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