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Asbestos concerns continue in Room 104
by Anthony Geraci, News Editor

Imagine sitting in a classroom as a mysterious white substance appears on your books and desks. You look at the person next to you and think, “Wow, they must be having a dandruff problem; it seems to be falling everywhere. Disgusting!” Who knows, but this thought process is just what happened to the students in Room 104. The epidemic, however, was not dandruff; it was airborne substance called asbestos. Yes. That’s right ! Right here in West Geauga High School there is still asbestos in our ceilings.

On October 21 there was a note posted on Room 104 stating that all students and teachers would hold classes in different rooms until further notice. This brought up previous memories for Ms. Nells and Mrs. O’Janpa. It was three years ago that students realized there was a white substance all over the room. The ceiling was “fixed” and the problem was supposedly no more. Well, for Ms. Nells the problem has been on-going since the first attempt to control the break in the ceiling. “I just don’t understand why the offices were ridded of asbestos three years ago and my room wasn’t.” When West Geauga was remodeled, just the offices were cleared of the substance.

It was roughly nine years ago that the offices were remodeled, but from there the money became a problem. There was not enough money to finish remodeling the rooms on the west side of the building. The rest of the rooms were added onto the district’s improvement plan. Ever since then, the rooms have been a top priority, but each year there are more urgent problems to face like school bus shortages or getting new boilers. The problem was never put off indefinitely; it was just pushed back because of emergency issues.

The problem in Room 104 has been priotitized and will be finalized in the near future. The Safety Dynamics company will be in the building during winter break to put up a sheet of plywood to cover the problem area. Mr. Mueller added that anyone who is attending class in the room is completely safe. Many of the other problem areas on the west side of the building are, hopefully, beginning to be fixed in the upcoming summer of 2004.

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