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An embarrassment for us All
by Eric Leventhal, Editor-in-Chief

It was a great fall for West Geauga football. The team’s success made us all very proud. However, the juvenile behavior exhibited by just a few fans is detracting from that pride. Their actions have prevented other fans from fully enjoying the games and are an embarrassment to our school.

How could the actions of a small minority of fans lend disgrace to our school? For starters, they regularly taunt the opposition along the lines of ethnicity, race, and socioeconomics. This is totally unacceptable, as the vast majority of West Geauga’s students would agree.

These fans also go out of the way to harass students from opposing schools. Without provocation, they automatically jeer at each passing student who wears clothing of the opposing school. While they think they are acting in the name of West G., they are only sending out the message that West Geauga students are immature delinquents.

These fans are not only verbally abusive but potentially violent. Several times they have attempted to incite a fight with other fans. Even within the student section, they often shove each other, creating a domino effect that can hurt innocent bystanders.

Unfortunately, these fans seem to think they represent the rest of West Geauga’s student fans. Through the season, they have tried to involve the whole student section in their antics. No matter how obvious a penalty may be, they always harass the officials in a loud chant.

While the victory in the home playoff game was a great moment for our school, these few students unfortunately tarnished that triumph. After acting poorly (in what appeared to be an intoxicated state), they encouraged other fans to charge the field, in direct violation of police orders. “When you get that crowd mentality going, people do things without thinking,” said Assistant Principal Takacs.

One has to wonder what motivated these fans to act so rashly. After all, it was only a game of football. If they felt so passionate about it, why didn’t they join the team in the first place? Most likely, they choose to remain in the bleachers because the football coaches, themselves, wouldn’t tolerate that kind of immaturity from their players who represent West Geauga.


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