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A flying Huck
by Elissa Waldmuller, Lifestyles co-Editor

As quickly as the season started, it is now coming to an end. Yes, Ultimate Frisbee is finished with its first official fall season.
There are two frisbee teams here at West G. Team one is lead by captain Rob Goehrke and is made up of approximately sixteen kids. Team two is lead by Jon Hanover and is also comprised of sixteen players. For each game only seven players can be on the field at once, so there are many substitutions throughout the game.

“Two weeks ago I hucked (long toss to the endzone) the frisbee, and there were tons of people jumping for it, but then Andrew Johnson comes out the middle of nowhere and jumps 3 feet in the air and catches it, scoring,” Jon Hanover said, as he recalled his fondest memory from the season. Overall, both teams played well and can’t wait until next season. Team two played especially well, winning the championship for their league this year.

The Ultimate Frisbee league is comprised of six schools: St. Ignatius, Shaker Hts., Beachwood, University and West G. Every Sunday for two month or so, the teams gathered at Garfield Park in Garfield Heights to play. They set up three fields, paired up the teams, and then played.

Next year’s goal is to try to take the teams’ skill levels up a notch, as most players will have played the year before. They plan to do this by developing more complicated plays and organizing themselves better. There really aren’t any plans to turn the club into a team sport, because in order to do so, more schools would have to join the league. It’s pretty obvious, though, that the players are quite content keeping it student-run.

Ultimate Frisbee is open to all students interested, regardless of skill, so if you’re interested in playing a laid back, easy-to-play sport, Ultimate Frisbee may be for you.


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