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Fabulous football Fanatics
by Rachel Gorjanc, Staff Writer

What do you get when you cross a parrot, a pirate, a sumo-wrestler, and a bunch of guys in nuclear reactor suits? I call them the best, not to mention the most entertaining, group of high school football fans in the area. Anyone who has been to a varsity football game this year knows that the student section can be just as amusing as the game itself. Although the “tailgaters,” as they like to call themselves, are a very spirited group, their chants and cheers are within the acceptable range for conduct at high school sporting events.

The “tailgaters” started their pre-game tailgates three seasons ago. Since then, the group has increased in size, which is most likely due to the prevalent sense of school pride and camaraderie that such a festive atmosphere fosters. There are a few situations that can bring such a diverse group of students together, and the football games are one of them. The students come together to support their peers, which brings a huge sense of pride to not only players and coaches, but also to the parents of the athletes and marching band members. Why else would Charlie McDonald and Nic Bronkall throw their arms up at the student section every game before the kickoff? This year the football team had its most successful season in the history of the school. Maybe it’s because this year’s team has been the most talented, but it could not have hurt that this year’s fans have been the most dedicated.

While I agree that it is unacceptable to taunt members of the other schools, I do not believe that one isolated incident accurately depicts the intentions of the tailgaters. The students’ conduct was suitable for the most part. As far as swearing goes, I agree that it might not be acceptable during school. Although football games are school events, games are an entirely different environment from the classroom, and classroom rules should be more relaxed.

As Principal Mueller said earlier this season, “If you don’t have school spirit now, you never will.” Simply put, the tailgaters show their school spirit and loyalty through their rowdy, yet good-natured enthusiasm.


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