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Kicking in for Charity
by Gabe Schlesinger, Administrative Assistant

On November 9, many students from West G. took time out of their days to go to the Okinawan Karate Center to kick for charity to support Camp Ho Mita Koda, a camp for diabetic children. Over the course of three hours, more then one hundred students came to the karate center to kick for ten minutes straight. Overall, the dojo raised approximately $4,000.

Of the students who went to the Kick-a-thon, six were from West Geauga High School, including Justin Pintabona, John Cechner, Brittany Goetz, Carly Konieczy, and Gabe Schlesinger. Every hour a performance was given by the school’s demo team including, John Cechner, Justin Pintabona, Gabe Schlesinger, Joe Dadario, Danny Tailor, and Ryan and Ben Sala. They started with two to three kata, or imaginary fights, and then moved on to two person drills. Next came weaponry, with explanations by Tertius Tuy, a West Geauga alumnus! Finally, self defense and two-on-one, three-on-one, and one-on-one choreographed fights were shown.
Every year the karate center does a different community service project. Last year, the center collected donations for another diabetes charity and then walked three miles to carry out the promise. For a Christmas charity they collected donations for the animals of Rescue Village. The reason, according to Sensei Jayne Butram, head of the OKC, is, “If we have the power to hurt people, we have the power to help people.”

All the money raised will go to Camp Ho Mita Koda. The name comes from the Sioux language and it means, “Welcome My Friend.” Located in Newbury, the camp serves to provide kids with diabetes a safe environment for sports and activities.

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