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Principally Speaking
by Mr. Mueller, Principal

How about a little Princi – “PAW – pouri”? There’s always so much to think and talk about, that sometimes it’s necessary to just roll it all out. I’m glad to see many of our parents are reading the Whirlwind, so I hope everyone has a chance to check this column out.
Sportsmanship – I know that many in our “Wolverine Nation” sometimes (o.k. - maybe all the time) feel as if we don’t allow our students to have

their own kind of “fun” at games – and I promise that we will continue to make sure that all cheering is SAFE, RESPECTFUL and APPROPRIATE, but I want to personally congratulate members of “The Den” or whatever you are calling yourself (I like “Nation”). School spirit at games has really improved. Most importantly, your respect and support of our football and soccer teams in the face of very difficult losses at the end of the season was awesome. We look forward to an outstanding winter season. Remember – be Respectful, and stay on the MAT!

OGT – I was very disappointed in the focus of the freshman class during our recent writing clinic. While Jan Cosner, our presenter, was generally pleased, student respect and attention was not up to West Geauga expectations. The sound wasn’t great,

and the cafeteria is not the most comfortable place to spend the morning – but this is very serious and important business. The OGT is for real, and the stakes are very high. This test puts pressure on students, families and staff to demonstrate successful teaching and learning. Students are not being singled out. That is why it is so important to take advantage of every opportunity to learn successful test-taking strategies. Teachers are learning to integrate formula writing into all classrooms – be sure to ask your teacher how to address extended response questions. All freshmen will take a parallel OGT in March. Results may determine course selections for the 2004-05 school year. We will be sharing all of our efforts and concerns with our families as we prepare for March 2005.

Kindness – We have just completed a Project Love Kindness seminar for the class of 2006. What is a kindness seminar? It is an experience that provides information and understanding about man’s inhumanity to man today and throughout history. We examine atrocities like the Holocaust and then look at bullying, teasing and harassing behaviors in our schools and communities. There are four roles in life – Victim, Perpetrator, Bystander and Rescuer. Nobody wants to be a victim, and we work in the seminar on how to eliminate unkind acts in our world. It is not acceptable to be a Bystander. We must all work to become Rescuers – it’s not difficult, but is does take the courage to tell Perpetrators that they are wrong. Think about it ! Congratulations to our sophomores who attended the seminar. Now, let’s stop all unkind acts at WGHS!

Substance Abuse Forum – A substance abuse panel discussion for West G parents was held on November 19th. We had an outstanding group of presenters to discuss the dangers of drug and alcohol use. While only about 20 parents attended this important event, it was an informative evening. If your parents did not attend, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care or aren’t worried about substance abuse. Most likely – it means they TRUST you. You have earned that trust by all of the excellent things you do. Continue to do the right thing. Be a LEADER! Say NO to drugs and alcohol – and don’t let a friend do them! We can all make a difference.

Study Halls – I have asked all study hall teachers to make sure students have study materials for assigned study halls. Room 124 is a quiet study hall, and there should be no headphones, eating, etc. In order to earn relaxed study hall privileges, freshman must establish a positive academic record. The cafeteria, while relaxed, is still a study hall. Study materials must be taken to study hall. Study halls will be monitored and returned to quiet status as necessary.

Dress Code - Be sure to comply with the dress code. Like every other generation, today’s students model the latest fashion trends. This is fine as long as these trends are in compliance with our very reasonable dress code. With winter weather already overdue, the flip-flops are inappropriate. Students must wear shoes during the school day. Dress warmly – and appropriately this winter!

Happy Holidays to the Wolverine Nation – I am OUT !

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