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by Julie Murawski, Sports Editor

Shock’n Yall! Well, that’s definitely what Toby Keith has done again. Many people know him as the man in the Ford Truck commercials or the person who had the huge fight with Dixie Chicks’s lead singer Natalie Manes over the war in Iraq. He is known to country music lovers as the big daddy of country music. Since he was in town on September 18 at Blossom, many people have anxiously been waiting for his CD to come out so they could hear the songs that were played at the show. This highly anticipated CD was well worth waiting for. Toby wrote or co-wrote every song except one. There are twelve songs on this album and, as a special bonus, there is an interview and some behind- the- scenes footage making the video of the first single, “I Love This Bar.” One of the best songs is song number three, “American Soldier.” The song talks about a solider and his family and the daily sacrifices he makes to protect our country. The point behind this song seems to be that the men and women in the service don’t do it to be heroes; they do it because “Freedom isn’t free.”

Another great song on this album is song number two, “Whiskey Girl,” and the last two songs on the album are called “bus songs.” The CD explains these are songs that were, “...written on the road to entertain the boys on the bus.” These songs are, “The Taliban Song,” which is sung from the point of view of a man who lives in the Middle East and has contempt for the Taliban. This song was performed live here in Cleveland and I (as a fan) love it. The second bus song is, “Weed With Willie.” This song talks about Willie Nelson, an older country star who is endorsing Cleveland’s own Dennis Kucinch in his run for the White House. Kucinch is also for legalizing marijuana. The song is self explanatory. After Toby performed these songs live and saw that the fans loved them, he decided to put them on the album. This disc is more laid back and a lot slower than many of his recent hits. It can be bought for $13.99 anywhere music is sold and is well worth the money.

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