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Tom Mooney
by Jon Hanover, Editorial Editor

After graduating from West Geauga, Tom Mooney attended one year of college at Kent and then enlisted in the armed forces. He made his way through basic and advanced training and on August 13th of this year was sent to Iraq as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division.

He was originally stationed in Baghdad but is now staying in an abandoned terrorist training center in Fallujah. According to his younger sister, sophomore Maureen Mooney, “He says its hell there. Everyone is poor; everyone begs for food and water. But they can’t give it to them.”

Not only Iraqi citizens are living under poor conditions in Iraq. Tom has described the food as, “...disgusting,” and, “ dog food.” Said Maureen, “He eats one meal a day. They feed him more than that, but that’s all he’ll eat. He’s lost a lot of weight.” Furthermore, Maureen says he has a hard time sleeping at night because of the extreme Iraqi heat and wakes up in the middle of the night drowning in sweat.

Perhaps worse, Maureen said that a lot of Iraqis don’t like the American soldiers and throw rocks at them. “Tom,” she says, “doesn’t think he should be there and thinks it’s time to come home.”

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