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Faces in the Crowd
The people that we meet...walking down the West G. each Day...

Name: Tim Tallion
Birthday: November 16, 1988
Siblings: Older Sister
Sports: Baseball, Football
Color: Blue
Movie: Hook
Singer: Eminem
Food: Pizza
On: the weekends he plays sports and hangs out with friends
Pets: One cat
Hates: Sea Food

Name: Brad Okeson
Birthday: May 21, 1988
Siblings: Two brothers
Sports: Swim team and Marching Band
Color: Blue
Movie: Spiderman
Singer: John Mayer
Food: Pizza
Hates: Asparagus

Name: Samantha Herzig
Birthday: September 14,1987
Siblings: One Stepsister
Sports: Volleyball, softball, Gymnastics
Color: Green
Movie: Bad Boyz 2
Singer: 50 Cent
Teacher: Mr. Schutz
Food: Pasta
Hates: Fish
Pets: One dog, Two cats

Name: Hollie Klem
Birthday: December 24,1985
Siblings: Two Brothers
Sports: Ultimate Frisbee
Color: Green
Movie: May
Band: Phish
Class: Art
Teacher: Mrs. Sukle
Biggest Fear:
Weekends: "Hollie likes to chizle with my girlz"

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