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Dear Editor:
I am writing this letter in response to the article "Rules, Rules, Rules" by Gabe Schlesinger. As a teacher who expects that students follow the rules as outlined in the Student Handbook, I was very disturbed by the implication that the teachers are not following the "rules." In the case of the security badge, this is certainly not the case.
The security badges, when given to the certified staff, were never required and, in fact, this is the first year where we have been informed that they will be used as crowd control passes at athletic events. Some teachers have chosen to wear the badge during the school day and some have not. At this point, I believe, the wearing of ID badges is a suggestion, not a requirement. Many teachers who have chosen not to wear them have a variety of reasons, but certainly none that would be to "flaunt the rules" as was implied by the newspaper story. The "Badge Rule" thus cannot be more strictly enforced when to my knowledge there is no board policy that requires teachers to wear ID badges: to my knowledge there is no building policy that requires teachers to wear ID badges and, in fact, there is no "Badge Rule."

Mrs. McBride
WGHS Media Specialist

Advisor's Note: Due to a reporting inaccuracy on the part of the Whirlwind staff, the previous article in the September Whirlwind gave the impression that staff members were ignoring an approved school board policy concerning the ID badges. Per the negotiated agreement between the school board and the West Geauga Education Association, members of the teaching staff are not required to wear the ID badges during the contracted school day. We regret the confusion and apologize for any implied wrongdoing on the part of the faculty.

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