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WGHS leaders roll with a new speaker
by Kristin Heines, co - Lifestyle Editor

On Wednesday, September 24th, selected leaders of West Geauga High School's community service groups were bombarded with activities, debates with leaders from other schools, and an inspiring speaker named John Tuitel. If you asked anyone at the assembly, he could tell you that John is not "normal." He'd also tell you that John was born with a disability that prohibited him from doing something that we all take for granted; John Tuitel cannot walk.
As do most speakers who entertain West G. students, like Reggi Dabbs, John Tuitel started his lecture with a bit of humor. He mocked himself, the stupidity of his audience and the teachers we all know and love. Out of the endless number of bodies sitting in the stands in the gym, John chose to single out West Geauga Student Council's very own Brody Leven. His sense of sarcastic, mocking humor was hilarious to anyone who was listening.
However, John's entire 45-minute speech was far from amusing. As a video photographer, I had a lot on my mind while he was talking. Despite the various positions, the problems with the camera battery, and the concentration on keeping the camera motionless, I still had trouble keeping the tears out of my eyes. I took some footage of the students from all of the different schools and I realized I was not alone. Senior Brittany Dulmage commented, "By the end of the assembly, I was so moved by everything he had said."
By the last five minutes of the speech, all in attendance realized how much we truly take for granted. Every morning we can wake up and stand on our feet. We can walk to the bathroom and do whatever it is we need to. We can get dressed, run down the stairs, and get to school right on time to receive a first period suspension point. It's not just that - football players can line up on the 50-yard line and anticipate the next play. Soccer players can kick the ball to the center forward and wait for him(her) to score the game-winning goal. We all have activities that we can do with ease because of one thing - our legs.
Next time you get out of bed, run to a car, or even stand up from your seat after the bell rings, remember that you have something that gets you wherever you need to go. And, yes, you are very fortunate.


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