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The Blue Crew
by Katie Brinager

It's that time of year again, when the girls take the field to show what they have when it comes to flag football. Yes, that's right, it's powder puff time! The senior girls are still pumped after their win from last year and are ready to do it again. They have a year of experience under their belts and know what it is all about out there. The juniors have only been able to watch from the stands for the past two years. So, as part of the Homecoming tradition, the seniors and juniors will go head-to-head on Monday, September 29, 2003 to see which class will come out on top.

After talking with some of the seniors, it looks like it is going to be a fierce competition. Senior Amy "Outkast-2" Lawniczak said, "The seniors are going to win by a lot. We should have done a lot better last year." Last year the seniors were extremely excited and ready for the game, but many agree that once you step on the field, it's an field, it's an all out war. Senior Nari "Iran" Malone has a little bit of advice for the juniors: "Don't take anything personally."

While all the seniors are ready to dominate this year, senior Kristin Stadler won't be able to play or watch the game this year. She can't make the practices and has to attend her night class at Lakeland the night of the game. She still wants to be part of the action and is ordering a jersey with the number "27" and nickname of "Stradler." Her prediction for the ending result of the game is that the, ".seniors will dominate!"

Senior Lindsay "Lin-Z-Lou" Vlah is determined to win. "Juniors, whatever you do, don't make the seniors angry right before the game," she said. "The seniors will win!," exclaimed Lindsay, who is ready to make a big play. "Last year I almost had an interception but knocked it down for an incomplete pass!"

Both the juniors and seniors started their practices on Sunday, September 14, 2003 to create plays and strategies to outsmart each other when it comes to game time.

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