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Bump, Bump, Bump It Up
by Katie Brinager, Staff Writer

With a new head coach and three returning lettermen, the volleyball team is off to a great start. Seniors Molly Paschke and Teresa Redic are leading the team, serving together as co-captains. Molly said "We have a very athletic team; we just need to put it together since there's only three returning varsity players." Coach Tom Booth adds, "I'm very excited how skilled the team is yet concerned that at the end of the season our record may not show it." My goal for the team is to end up with a record above .700." With a record of 4-4, the ladies are ready for improvement from last year's record of 2-17. Last year Coach Booth was the JV coach and assistant coach for the varsity. Moving from assistant to a head position was, "...easier than I thought," said the coach. "There are more little things to be dealt with, but I'm learning," said Coach Booth. Senior Joy Sberna comments, "The program this year has been greatly improved by a new coach and a new team. I'm looking forward to a fun season with all my 'girlfriends'." Junior Brittney Thrush added the team's main goal is, "To win the CVC! "We basically run our offense and defense really well and have come together as a team." Our team just needs to keep up the intensity level during the games." So far this year, the varsity has had some exciting games. With an intense first game versus Perry, the varsity girls saw what they are capable of. Later they had an amazing win against Aurora with fans fit to be at a Friday night football game. The girls are pumped for the rest of the season, including games against Kirtland and Perry.

The junior varsity team is also doing well so far this season with a record of 4 - 4. Returning players are Juniors Megan Scott, Rachel Kutsko, and Samantha Herzig. Instead of having one player serve as the main captain, Coach Mr. Sean Krippel switches it up every game, giving each girl a chance to experience leadership. With a record of 17-4 last year, the girls' main goal is to have another winning record. "I want to improve as a passer," commented Megan Scott. Rachel Kutsko also noted, "We just need to play like we want it through the whole game."

The freshmen team is doing really well for their first year of high school competition. They had a record of 3 - 1 at press time and are well on their way to winning the C.V.C. The coach this year is Mr. Jason Witherite, while the captain is Alyssa Balzano. The team's main goal for this season is to have, "better transition," according to Ashley Mack and Jackie Katzenstein. Both girls commented on how, "Our team needs to work together better."

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