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City Life in Chesterland
by Kristin Heines, Lifestyle Editor

It's the fall season again! That's right West G. students, we're back in school! I really love the fall for a multitude of different reasons; it's football season, which means ten exciting Fridays. Being back in school gives me a chance to see all of my friends again, and, of course, it's homecoming time. For some people, the dance is exciting. For the senior girls, homecoming court is highly anticipated (me personally.I'm quite fond of dress shopping, but that's a whole other story). From what I've found out from the people behind this year's homecoming extravaganza.this year's court and dance is bound to be exhilarating!

Our Student Council committee had a heck of a time figuring out the theme for a dance this season. After two months of debating between Paris and City Life, we arrived at I LOVE NY. Decorating will incorporate a city street for the hallways, Central Park for the drinking fountain area, and a club for the gym. You can join the city party by simply entering the school gym doors on October 4th at 8:00 p.m. The fun ends at 11:30. Tickets will be on sale this week for $12 per single or $20 per couple.

And then there came the dilemma of finding a homecoming queen. Our top ten, chosen by the senior class and the staff, was announced on Tuesday, September 16th; they were Liz Bagaria, Brittany Castle, Kristen Chapic, Emily Ebersbacher, Jillian Gehlfuss, Kristin Heines, Lindsay Konieczny, Natalie Reder, Emma Smith, and Kelton Wright. From that, we derived our court; they are Brittany Castle, Kristen Chapic, Emily Ebersbacher, Kristin Heines, and Lindsay Konieczny. Our queen will be voted on by the entire school in homeroom on Thursday, October 2nd. Before you vote, here's some information on each candidate:

Brittany Castle is best described as an amiable role model. She has been a member of the varsity football cheerleading squad for three years, is a co-captain and an all-American this year. At West she's in HUGS, a yearbook member and is serving her senior year as an editor.

Kristen Chapic has been a standout student since 9th grade. She's been involved in everything from Student Council, to Class Act, to NHS, to soccer, basketball & track. She's finishig her senior year as President of Student Council, a key member of National Honor Society, and a versatile athlete.

Emily Ebersbacher is speedy in more ways than one. She's known for being the track team's fastest 100 meter runner and was a captain her junior year. She's also involved in soccer, symphonic band, and student council. Anyone who has worked with her will say she deals with situations quickly and is as reliable as it comes.

Kristin Heines (it's not easy to write in 3rd person) has taken every moment as an opportunity to be involved. She's been a part of activities from cheerleading and track, to class act and American Music Abroad, to Student Council and National Honor Society. She's an all-American cheerleader, vice president of the Senior Class and ranked in the top quartile.

Lindsay Konieczny is one of West G's most successful students. She's been in activities from soccer, to student council to National Honor Society. Despite her busy schedule, she's ranked in the top 10% of the class, a National Young Leader's Alumni and was the recipient of the William's Book Award.

The homecoming queen will be announced this Friday night before our football game against the Perry Pirates. Our dance will be the next night. I hope to see everyone walkin' the streets of New York this Saturday night!

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