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Dressing for attention
by Heather Vitale, Staff Writer

If you saw a girl walking down the hall wearing an extremely high-cut mini skirt, or a dangerously low cut halter top and platform shoes, what would be the first thought that came to your mind?

For as long as any of us can remember, the dress code at West Geauga has been a routine topic of conversation and a frequent source of reprimand. Teachers and parents do not want their community's teenagers going to school wearing so little. But what do the student's think?

When teens go to the mall or a party, they tend to dress a little more provocatively than at school. Although the dress code may be reasonable, if you take a look around, you'll see more and more people dressing to impress. Skin-tight pants and shirts and designer shoes and jeans grace (or disgrace?) our hallways every day. Although some girls wear these interesting and exciting clothes because they like them, others might think they have a specific thing in mind.

In a recent poll, over 75% of those interviewed said they think people dress to invite attention from the opposite sex. Girls claim to dress the way they do to make themselves feel better and self-assured. Some like the comments they receive. Some girls remarked that certain girls dress the way they do to invite sexual attention. Names are said and gestures made, but it all comes down to one factor: attention.

Everyone likes compliments, everyone likes feeling good and being noticed, but where should the line be drawn? Many teenagers need confidence and self-assurance and many of them go looking in the wrong places. They dress looking for attention and acceptance from the opposite sex. It seems as though when all the boys look directly at them in that way, they feel better about themselves. I will admit there might be times I dress to get a little more attention than usual. Maybe I am having a bad week and need some positive responses or maybe I am looking in some cute boy's direction, hoping he will look back.

There are many girls I see on a daily basis, in school and out, who look like they are dressing to invite attention. Low cut shirts and mini skirts can give boys the "wrong idea," although girls know exactly what message they are potentially sending. No girl can say she didn't know those tight jeans would get so many eyes on her or those shoes wouldn't make her legs look twice as long. It is true; each gender knows precisely what to do in order to drive the other sex crazy. Whether it is physically, emotionally, mentally, or just in general, we know what makes them tick.

This proves that certain people dress to impress and possibly invite a little bit more than what meets the eye. What we wear and how we look are our first impressions that say a lot. Girls and guys put on clothes in the morning to get attention and feel good. Some students I asked do not care either way about how they look. Even if you just walk through the mall or go to a dance club, you will see what I mean. Girls and boys desire affection and acceptance and want attention. So, yes, many people dress inviting sexual attention from the opposite sex. The blunt truth is this: we all see it, we all do it, and we all like it.


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