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Drug and Alcohol Use at West Geauga
by Jon Hanover, Editorial Editor

The PRIDE Survey Questionnaire, a nation-wide survey about teenage drug use, was given last year to sixth, eighth, tenth and twelfth graders at West Geauga and across the nation. The results are in and they deserve a look. According to the survey, the percentage of West G. 10th graders smoking cigarettes (43.5%) is lower than the national average of 48.1%. The rate of West G. sophomores who drink beer (62.7) is significantly higher than the national average of 52.9%.
38.5% of the twelfth graders reported that it was "very easy" for them to get marijuana. Most smoke on the weekends, but 6.3% of tenth graders remarked that they used marijuana during school. 90.5% of tenth graders reported getting "very high or bombed" when they used marijuana, while only 75.8% of twelfth graders gave their experience the same rating. The results prove that drugs and alcohol are being used at West, as they are elsewhere across the nation. Taking a look at the charts provides numerical "stats" and can help illustrate some of the results.

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